By ajodasdojsad - 21/03/2015 15:12 - United Kingdom - Ewell

Today, I was playing charades with my boyfriend and family. The answer was "Beckoning" so I acted it out with a "come here" gesture. He looked confused for a second, then blurted out "Fingering?" FML
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Well at least you know what his thoughts consist of

Now his family knows what you guys like to do


Now his family knows what you guys like to do

Honestly, this isn't even an FML. Unless her parents are diehard catholics, it isn't even a big deal.

zanoty 17

Are you just constantly on Fml? The last 3 fmls you were first second first haha

tiredteenager 16

#22, is there anything wrong with that? This app is pretty awesome.

Actually, it was her family. Not that it makes it any less awkward.. I just hope they were open minded.

I guess he didn't quite finger that answer out fast enough...

Well at least you know what his thoughts consist of

Playing the guitar?

playing her banjo!

If she has a banjo, you have bigger problems.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Banjos are awesome.

Are you trying to send him a subtle message?

A07 48

Do you not know what 'charades' are?

Do you not know what sarcasm is?

Uh oh, I made a joke that wasn't a bad pun. Don't worry, I'll flog myself.

The maturity is strong in this one.

You must have some very 'interesting' times in the bedroom.

fingering is considered "interesting"??

19 - he's 14, I'm sure everything is interesting to him.

tiredteenager 16

Is drinking water "interesting" to you too?

#28 - Depends what you lace it with.

HA! Since when is fingering interesting? LoL! How to finger a girl 101: USE YOUR TONGUE.

47- One word for you: G-spot.

nmw404 6

I'm sure they can understand the confusion. More importantly... Did yall win?

Clearly your boyfriend has no filter. Perhaps bringing him to family gatherings isn't the best idea..

"No no no. That comes /after/."

ColonelCusswords 24

you shoulda established the "nothing dirty while you meet my family" rules