By Anonymous - 04/10/2011 18:31 - United States

Today, I spent almost $200 on a planetarium show with my boyfriend, who loves astronomy. He said his favorite thing about it was that he could pick his nose without anyone noticing. FML
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Well, at least he didn't wipe it on Uranus.

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I have a rare bone desease that doesn't let me pronounce the "t" in plane arium (south park)

He has a good point. If OP didn't notice, he was successful in his gold mining adventure.

Of course that's the best thing about it. People judge your lack of tissues in the outside world.

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At least he enjoyed some parts of it!!

I feel bad for whoever got a nice boogie flicked onto them..

Or if you kissed him and he ate them, OP.

I was going to comment but then I forgot what to say and I was already in the writing comment thing so I just wrote something that most people like.

I'll know that he picked his nose along with many others on the internets.

That's exactly the reason I don't attend public outings. People watch me pick my nose -.-

That's the reason I don't pick my nose. So I can attend public outtings.

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He sounds like a polite young man

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Sucks... :( at least he went though...

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HEY, one comment is enough, buddy.

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Three doesn't make it better.

He didn't do it on purpose, but he wiped it on the chair and she Saturn it. :D

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Sucks... :( at least he went though...

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Sometimes when I'm bored, I cover myself in Vaseline and pretend I'm a slug

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-Sometimes, he just takes me home at night... -Ooh giirl.

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20- completely irrelevant... But funny.

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I wonder if he ate his boogers or wiped them on something....

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Sucks... :( at least he went though...

you know what's cute, the sarcasm of this comment.

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Booger fetish... Ugh!! Terrible mental image...

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He said his favorite thing, he didn't say that was the only thing he liked.

It's like going to a favourite restaurant, spending loads of money treating people to their favourite meal, and then hearing them all rave about the complimentary bread. Except more disgusting.

... Your boyfriend sounds kinda gross OP.

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Thanks for stating the obvious

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Was he being serious?!?!?! Haa uhhh ew

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But you noticed so the planetarium owes you a refund.

No, he told her afterwards that he was picking his nose. Also, how would that warrant a refund? You confuse me :C

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Because everything that happened to OP clearly issues a refund. Haven't you read the planetarium's rules in fine print? DUH

This is America, we don't go to planetariums to read, we go to see the pretty lights xD

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#22. You see, he said his "favorite" part was being able to pick his nose without anyone noticing. For about $100 a pop, one should have a very discreet nose-picking experience. The OP noticed her boyfriend picking his nose, therefore, the planetarium did not live up to his reasonable expectations.