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Today, my girlfriend told me that she's scared because her period is late, and that they're usually on time. Five hours late apparently. FML
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Dang I wish you could predict your period down to the exact hour...that would be super handy.

99% of the time I usually get mine first thing in the morning. Maybe she knows her body and feels different this time?


I guess she's watching her internal clock too closely if she knows specifically what time she usally gets it.

Today, I edited a typo into my comment while trying to make it more grammatically correct. FML

You don't tell a woman to chill when she's freaking out. Won't help even if she should.

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"Yo, babe, I know you're experiencing a difference in your life that you're not accustomed to, and that your future could be altered by the possibility of a child. But just chill. Smoke a blunt..or three."

Five hours late? yeah, she needed to chill

I agree #43. So many females (typically women new to sex) seems to freak out out at the slightest thing about being pregnant. I know for certain I did. I have a friend who thought she was pregnant (who was a virgin) because her boyfriend at the time touched his penis after he came then touched her ******.

Thing is though if you're on the pill most women do know what time they start their period, it regulates your menstration cycle extremely well. So if she knew she started it before she usually goes to bed it's not too extreme to start worrying.

#67 but if shes on the pill she doesnt have to worry about bwing pregnant

#87 the pill isn't 100% effective so that doesn’t mean she can't be pregnant.

#58 ......please tell me she wasnt serious

Dang I wish you could predict your period down to the exact hour...that would be super handy.

You could also call it a superpower. Not even an understatement. :/

Is that even possible to know it that precisely?

@29 No. At least not for the overwhelming majority of females. You can predict it to the day but if someone actually gave me a time for theirs I would probably laugh. "Hey you down to chill at 8?" "Nah man sorry, I'm expecting my period at 8:15" :/

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I used to be on birth control pill for a long time. A few months in, my periods got just like that. Every 28 days, Tuesday at 3:30 pm. It's possible, but SO not worth it...

Not worth it?? having a regular period is super healthy

Mine usually start at a fairly predictable time. Right before something important. But they used to start overnight without fail which was a lot worse for my sheets...

Same with me. When I was on the pill, I took them faithfully, nightly at 10:00pm before bed and because I did it that way, every fourth Saturday at 10:00am my period arrived. I'm not sure how many women are like this but it's very possible for a woman to be this accurate.

Dang I wish I didn't need to have my period.

Apparently, she had been doing it successfully thus far

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I'm on birth control, and I know my period will be exactly every 28 days, usually between the hours of ten and three. When I was in high school it was even more regular, I knew it would be every fourth Thursday in math class, so I could make preparations.

99% of the time I usually get mine first thing in the morning. Maybe she knows her body and feels different this time?

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Plot twist: she actually is pregnant O.O

Mine always come on a saturday late at night right before I go to bed

Making fun of your girlfriends menstrual cycle isn't funny OP. Period.

Not sure if people didn't get it, or just didn't think it was funny.

It's FML stfu. PO'S GF can post her own FML about this one.

wow I thought it was hilarious.... some people eh?

I thought it was funny, but then accidentally clicked the down-thumb. Maybe everyone else did the exact same thing. Sorry, bro

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Its really funny if you read it in Lil Wayne's voice

That's one hell of a precise cycle if she has it down to that precise of a time. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "ticking biological clock".

I will never understand women's menstruation more then don't argue and keep her happy. I suggest you don't push the issue. If you're man enough to have sex be man enough to accept the responsibilities of having sex , even with birth control.

If you couldn't read or understand me the first time , I doubt me breaking it down again will help any, but I'll try . Period time= mystery to men. Guys should be kind and make their woman happy while they are suffering/ dealing with the natural cause and effect of being a woman . If you are adult enough to have coitus, then you deal with the risks/ effects of having sex. Meaning there is a chance you could get pregnant, diseased, so on and so forth. Don't whine about it, man up and deal with it accordingly .... Hope this helps you.

I think, OP is having his FML moment because of the 5 hour delay causing the girlfriend to get scared, not because of the fact that girlfriend may be pregnant.

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and i will never understand why sexually active women dont get on birth control or at least tell the guy to wrap their whopper... condoms are cheaper than diapers.

..... Whopper huh? that's a new one.. O.o

you're dating an idiot if she truly thinks it's late xD...