By Sylvania - United States
  Today, I was playing a medieval game with my brother, when he took all of his character's clothes off and said, "Let's have sex!" I looked at him and said, "UH YOU ARE MY BROTHER!" He turns and looks at me, smiling and says, "But not in the game!" I am a 19 year old girl. He is 12. FML
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By  HeyitsPheddy  |  0

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By  xHaniffax  |  0

I would be totally traumatised
having a younger brother myself
but that's like the age they learn about sex
so its in their mind and from now on for a couple of years
everything will be perverted.

By  RyanKaufman  |  7

Wow I'm debating what's worse.
1: Your brother wants to have sex with you. (I don't care if it's in the game)
2: You're 19 and playing with a 12 year old on a medieval game.