By CutePenguin - Canada
Today, I returned to my university residence following spring break. I was greeted by a letter stating I'd been caught on camera vandalising a wall repair. At the time in question, I was asleep on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The REZ coordinator is avoiding me, and I can't clear my name. FML
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  Posiedon57  |  0

I love how on posts like this where it's completely a FYL moment, not a YDI, people still put YDI....We get it people, you hate your life. Make it an FML don't put YDI on someone else's post out of jealousy that there life fails too :D

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

Yeah unless he can't prove it to them. Hopefully he had someone there with him or if he really needs to he can get the records from the ship to clear his name. There's no chance they can get you on this. Unless the records magically dissapeared. :3

  Link5794  |  18

She needs to talk to the REZ to do that, but they're avoiding her.

By  FMLshark  |  12

So long as you have proof you were gone during, there shouldn't be a problem.
Don't you hate those evil rebellious clones? Always getting you into trouble.

By  BlueEyed1019  |  12

Clearing your name is important, so corner the guy and explain it to him, don't just passively wait for everything to work out! Present ur alibi (cruise ship merchandise? Ticket?) and leave it. Simple.