By SLA - 23/03/2009 23:12 - United States

Today, my 11 year old brother walked in on me sitting on my boyfriend's ass and giving him a back massage. He tilted his head a little and then said "Aren't you guys doing it wrong? Isn't he supposed to be on top?" My boyfriend laughed and gave him a high-five. FML
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Your 11 year old bro is getting some mad recess swing-set pussy. More power to him.

"UR DOING IT WRONG." This made me laugh :D


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YDI fir putting this on FML.

uhhh I don't like firsterz

ydi for not locking the door

now THAT is just fuckin funny. epic win.

That is awesome your little brother is cool. How is this a fml though?

lengen.... what for it wait for itttt DARY :)

woah woah woah WOAH THIS MADE ME PEE MY PANTS LOL LE-GEN-DAR-Y HE will go down in history as the most AWESOME brother EVAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!?

Uhm he's 11...unless you guys are sheltered it's not reslly that big of a deal.

Hardly a FML Funny though

Agreed..Not An FML..But Very Funny..Just Shows You How Bad Kids These Days Are Learning To Many Negative Things Though..

FUNNY haha:D this is absolutley my favv FML everr its not really a FML tho cus its funny!! i wldaa high fived yr bro too(:

so true..........

Your an example. Uppercasing every word really?

Why Do You Type Like This? It Is Simply Annoying To Read And Is Grammatically Incorrect.

............... You're..........

"UR DOING IT WRONG." This made me laugh :D

what if said ur doing it wrong I'll show u

lol very funny :D culdnt stop laughin

Your 11 year old bro is getting some mad recess swing-set pussy. More power to him.

#5 WIN Lolz so true.

you are amazing.

Dude this is the truest thing I've ever heard. I can't even breathe right now.

Give your bf and your bro a high five from me too.

If I were your brother I would've done the same thing. This isn't an FML, this is just awesome.

epic win...lil dude knows what's goin on...hahaha...i would totally high five that kid in a heartbeat

Funny, not an FML.