By Anonymous - United States - Newark
Today, as I left the supermarket, I found someone had hit my car in the parking lot. There was a note tucked under the wipers. Insurance details? Nope. It just said "Sorry dude. I fucked up. Good luck with the car." Great. FML
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  VeganVampyre  |  26

Not OP's integrity, the integrity of the jerk who wouldn't own up to hitting someone's car. #9 is saying the person who hit OP's car should have had the integrity to pay for the damage even though it might be really expensive. And I agree, I don't know why they got thumbed down for that.

By  rhcpgurl  |  18

Go to the management of whatever parking lot it was at ( I'm hoping a place of business). Ask for the tapes and file a police report because that was technically a hit and run. Keep the note as proof. If there are no cameras then FYL man

  kaotic_angel88  |  24

it depends. sometimes police wont do anything due to it being private property.
I know the same thing.happened to my ex, and police couldnt do anything about it, even with the guys license plate.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

Where I live, anything that happens in any parking lot is automatically considered equal fault and everyone involved has to pay their own damages, because no one technically has the right of way in a parking lot. So even if someone hits your parked car while you're not even there, it's officially considered half your fault and they wouldn't have to pay to fix it for you. I don't what the rules are where OP lives though, hopefully something can be done!


#21, wtf kind of rule is that? So pretty much they're like "Even though you were legally parked there and parked correctly, because of our rule, it's partially your fault your car got it.