By Anonymous - United States
Today, I parked my truck next to a rather large SUV at school, went to class for 8 hours straight, came back and found my passenger side door crumpled from where they had backed out and hit it. They left a note on my window that said, "Sorry about your truck, but I don't have insurance." FML
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Most people (unless they're on a half-day Senior schedule) in school with a car are there the whole day. It couldn't have been a late start student, either, because late start usually arrives second and third hour, and I would assume half day students leave at lunch.

  CDS09  |  0

If it is a high school its simple....ask the school for the video, if they dont give it then look at the paint in your door....I am sure there are not too many people who drive rather large SUVs of a certain find them all and see if any ring a bell (bumper stickers, etc).....then break everything possible on that SUV.



STFU u stupid whore.... men dont change their tampons, putting on make-up, or fingering their vaginas like women do.....

Women are only good at the 4 "C's": cooking, cleaning, children, and cocksucking. let us MEN do the driving....

  aero_fml  |  0

It's a true fact. Women cause/get in more accidents than men.

But on the rare occasion one of us guys gets into an accident, we do it properly and total the car.

  cherlana32  |  0

It may be true that more women get into accidents than men, but it is still not necessary to bring gender into this issue when it has absolutely nothing to do with the FML. That IS sexist.

  Bobby319  |  24

How is the being a dumbass for parking next to it, how is it his responsibility to assume that an SUC will hit him

By  Incubuss  |  0

FYL! Sorry to hear about your car. Are there any CCTV cameras anywhere near the car park or exits? There must be some scratches on the SUV. Just wait till the next day at school and check for damages.

By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

Tennessee? You would think it'd be a John Deere tractor or something...

Also, if it's a student at the school, they'll probably be parked there again the other day.
Also, he was probably too drunk off dat moonshyne and getting car head from his cousin to drive proper.

By  kukopia  |  0

How many fairly large SUVs can there be? What color is it? Find it. Follow it home. Extract revenge. Put pot bumper stickers on it. Fill the exhaust with cement. Superglue the doors shut. Paint the headlights silver.
Or be normal and file a police report and file a claim on your insurance.

  LadyAlathia  |  0

In Tennessee? Millions. At least hundreds of thousands. Small, economical cars are the minority in that state.

Also, OP, this is why the gods of Big Insurance created "uninsured motorist coverage", which by law you should be carrying.