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Today, my girlfriend's overprotective parents decided that I'm a bad influence on their daughter. I'm a straight A engineering student who openly speaks out against drugs, alcohol, and discrimination. Their reason? Someone told them I dyed my hair black. They think I'm a "closet Nazi". FML
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I thought Nazi's were all for blonde hair and blue eyes...

Why don't you publicly preach how discrimination is wrong to them then?


I thought Nazi's were all for blonde hair and blue eyes...

I think it's better for you not to be related in anyway to such parents since such people brings nothing but headache.

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What's a "skinhead" aren't they nazi too.

Actually the "perfect Nazi" was, according to Hitler, suppose to have blue eyes and blonde hair. It's just irony that he didn't fit into this category.

skinheads are shaved-almost bald people, lol. And racists. Not Nazis.

34 wikipedia is almost never right considering anyone can post or change articles. from the description it kinda sounds like OP is full of himself.. nobody is an angel bud. and it's quite obvious they don't want thief daughter to dye her hair. so tell them that you didn't dye your hair.. problem solved.

36- That was the perfect person, not just Nazi. That's why he was trying to kill everyone that didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes. Although I'm sure he would have wanted them all to be Nazis as well.

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Aren't skinheads and neonazis pretty much the same? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I (unfortunately) know a woman who is basically a skinhead but without actually shaving her head, and she has swatzikas (sp) all over her.

49-Actually, dude, Wikipedia is more often right than not. It just has a bad rep because anyone can right stuff.

actually thousands of Jews with Aryan features were killed in the Holocaust

60. that's true. but it's at the point I can't trust it. for example, I heard the tragic news of Ryan dunns passing (he will be missed) and, trying to figure out what happened, consulted wikipedia, which told me he was shot and murdered in a homicide. now who in the world would want to shoot such an awesome guy?

blond hair, blue eyes and white skin is the Ayrian race. Basically thought to be perfect, Hitler did not fit the category but he didn't need to seeing as he led most people within this donomonation. also skinheads can be considered Neo-Nazis because they highly regard Hitler for the Holocaust

I say you should **** they're daughter and tell them about it just to teach them to calm the hell down...

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May i just say that I am loving the level of ignorance in this thread?

..because someone who talks against discrimination could clearly be a closet Nazi.

Why don't you publicly preach how discrimination is wrong to them then?

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I seriously am tired of ur pic


Then stop looking at it. He doesn't have to change it just because you're "tired of it".

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Think about what will happen when they find out that you kiss!

Her parents are clearly either nutters or simply don't like you and are looking for an excuse. They probably just think that you will take their "baby" away from them. Only you can decide whether you can handle that and whether she is worth the aggravation. They may calm down if/when it becomes evident they are not going to come between you. PS alcohol's not so bad - in moderation!

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I love how most people on FML probably will not read your comment.

Because it's more than 2 lines? Yes, you are probably right.

when people write novels as comments, they tend to be skipped. lol

I usually hate really long comments like this, but you speak the truth sir.

those parents are pretty stupid or using lame excuses

Those two explanations are hardly mutually exclusive. =P

FYL. If you were a skinhead their ummm... logic... would make more sense. Black hair - Nazi??

My own parents thought that about me too, until they found out about the Evil Monkey.

Since when was black hair related to nazis? Hitler wanted blonde hair and blue eyes, you should make sure they know that...

No... "closet" because he's not openly saying he's a Nazi or supporting Nazi ideals. Not because he dyed his hair the wrong colour. That doesn't even make sense.

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Op probably had blue eyes and probably blonde hair before dying his hair black, so there lame excuse is that he's a "closet Nazi" Because he dyed his hair.

that's why he is a "closet" nazi. he probably had blonde hair and blue eyes before he dyed his hair

When most people hear about someone dying their hair black, they think "Goth" or "Emo". How these people came up with "Closet Nazi" is beyond me...

Okay, people....listen up. If you are a closet gay, you would pretend to like girls and might go on dates with them to prove it. So if you are a closet Nazi, you would pretend to accept Jews and may dye your blond hair black. But her parents really jumped to conclusions!

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Good explanation, but after the wrong comment. #12 was just saying that people usually relate "goth" or "emo" to black hair and not a "closet nazi". ;)

When I dyed my hair black, my best friend's mom decided I was a bad influence as well. But her reason was that it meant I worshipped the devil.

Maybe they're on to something. Maybe he was born a Nazi but just hasn't found out yet. If I were OP's GF, I'd keep an eye out for hair bleach, and the book "Mein Kampf".

What? "Born a Nazi?" Please tell me you're kidding.