Crusin' for a bruisin'

By burr415 - 20/04/2012 22:55 - Sweden - Hägersten

Today, my friend was waiting outside the store while I bought a newspaper. Through the window, I saw two guys getting physical with him, so I went outside and they took off. I muttered, "Yeah, I thought so." They then turned around and beat the crap out of us. FML
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ohcoolstorybro 14

Acting tough fail. this children is why you shouldn't try to be cool

^That, #1 is why you shouldnt try and be funny

OP, what were you thinking. Just picking a fight is stupid.

There's a difference between picking a fight and self defense

He was pretty stupid going for a jibe, but at least he stood up for his friend.

67- I love the sports section on Sundays and Monday's during the NFL season. Just throwing that out there.

1-he wasn't trying to be cool he was trying to help his friend out

deliriousbasil 0

Boooooh! Newspapers won't disappear just because of smartphones! Go with it ;)

boxbrandon11 20

Is YDI you're da idiot or you dumb idiot? Sorry I'm not very familiar with this...

yoursucklives 36

Me too! So I'm not the only one... That makes me feel better.

tjv3 10

You shouldn't talk mess unless you can defend yourself. Sorry you had to learn that the hard way. BUT I'm glad to see you take a stand. Take some self defense classes and next time it will be different

nadnerbz 6

I'd thumb this comment up...but it has 69 likes

Maybe if you say that, you should be able to back it up.

Real friends do everything together! OP just wanted his share

That's what I thought???!!! At the end did they say that's what I thought? Way to be cocky!

aceangel6 4

Don`t tease the monkeys! Thats what happens when you tease the monkeys!

usually they throw poo. this time they threw a beating.

Sometimes monkey bite and rip out your Bali plaits and you end up with balled patches!

iviviii 0

^That didn't sound stupid at all...

Thumb me down 103, but this really happened to me in Bali! I had bright beads in my hair and when petting monkeys they attacked me. Had to get a tetanus shot, ouch!

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olpally 32

*golfer's clap* want a cookie?? Too bad, none for you!

Sorry I just didn't notice at first :( *accepts my poor comment status*

olpally 32

I forgive you WCARlover... At least you're honest :)

That can be a slant rhyme. You didn't fail completely, at least not in my eyes.

nofearjenshere 12

Next time, don't try your luck. It could get worse than this.

jhc240sx 1

Yo wats up jen! U look like a pretty chill person. Wanna chat!?:p lol

That wouldn't have happened if you could have been normal an just gotten a smart phone instead of a news paper-___-

Get the **** off my planet. Please?

Oooh someone seems a little upset(: good.