By cduttl1230 - 26/06/2010 00:30 - United States

Today, after getting my appendix taken out, we had to drive over five sets of railroad tracks. Then, my four year-old brother decided to punch me in the stomach because, "I took away his mommy for two days." FML
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That brother deserves to be punched in the stomach MUCH harder. Sometimes you can tell when a kid's gonna grow up to be an asshole...

Ow. Whilst I can understand your brother being upset about you 'stealing his mummy', how spoilt is he that he feels that it's ok to punch you in the stomach? Get better soon though, OP.


ouch, I know what that feels like. good luck with healing!

they don't let you out just after your appendix is removed lol. You must stay at hospital for few days.

ohh nooo, now you can't eat grass (N)

your bro is a dick. he'll be an even bigger one when he gets older. heal fast!

Yeah if he reacts like this now, imagine what he'll do when he's older or puberty. Good luck dude!

Actually, they do sometimes let you out the same day for a surgery like that, if it was laparoscopic anyway.

Depends on if you had insurance or not or what kind, after I had mine taken out I was released about 12 hours later.

It didn't have to be the same-day. Every FML starts with "Today, ...."

@4 he obviously doesnt mean today literally. saying today to start and FML to end is just the format.

YDI for taking away his mommy for two days. very understandable on his part :P

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Ouch! I know how this feels, trust me. I had some cancerous tumors in my stomach when I was little and i had them removed. on the way home my dad took all the back roads, which were bumpy as hell. FYL OP, and kill that bastard you call a brother.

4 the brother hit him for taking his mom away for 2 days, OP was in hospital 2 days, the mum stayed with him, he didn't get released on the same day as the surgery or the brother would have had no reason to hit him.

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four is old enough to be taught right from wrong and to be scolded for doing something wrong. a little boy the other day was playing with his big brother and they were playing fighting in the pool with foam toys. the little boy picked up a hard toy and threw it at his brother. they laughed but u could tell the teenager was in pain from getting hit in the face and the mom scolded the little boy (not harshly of course bc he was still very young). I hope ur mom said something to ur brother

He was probably like, "Pendix shot! Oh wait, you don't have one!"

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YDI, learn to share moms...Selfish youth...

#50, he's ******* 4 years old, are you serious? And having an appendix removed sucks, FYL for not being smart enough to realize that the mother should allocate her attention to a serious medical procedure.

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#51, #50 was obviously kidding.

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fyl op. four year olds are a nightmare

man up and punch him back you softcock, or are you your four y.o. brothers bitch? I've broken my twin brothers nose twice, he deserved it both times.

4: I had mine out and was only in for a day.

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I was let out after 12hrs and my dad did the same thing.. Out for 2 weeks, hope everything goes well.

bumpy roads realy hurt. My appendix was taken out yesterday, so I know the feeling. Plus i was going to dance with my favorite singers in a big event and now i can't. FML

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it depends for getting out. I had to stay 2 weeks after because mine almost exploded. FYL cause when u got mine out I had a cold and was coughing. I don't get why your parents hadn't told your brother you were still sick


I suggest kicking him in the head fist->stomach=foot->head right?

he'll be like my brother. The biggest asshole on the planet that makes me wanna kill myself

I think u should reread it op took away the childs mom for 2days most likely that means she was at the hospital for 2 days with her other child.

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quit bein a pussy and lay down the law with the little bastard.

Once you get up, think about this. 4 year old's punch to the stomach after getting an organ removed = your hardest punch to a 4 year old's perfectly fine stomach. See if he likes it.

actually I was realeased about 7-8 hours after mine

Roundhouse kick your little brother in the face :D

Mine was rupturing. Had surgery at 8 am and was out by 9am the following day.

#67. Wow, u must b real hardcore. I had my appendix removed, followed by a traumatising 3 weeks in hospital due to infection and complications.

That brother deserves to be punched in the stomach MUCH harder. Sometimes you can tell when a kid's gonna grow up to be an asshole...

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I would have kicked him out of the vehicle onto a crowded highway and see if he gets hit. He needs to learn newtons law about actions and greater reactions

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Hey, you just don't mess with his mommy.

117 - 2 rules: Don't touch my momma, and don't touch my Doritos

Ow. Whilst I can understand your brother being upset about you 'stealing his mummy', how spoilt is he that he feels that it's ok to punch you in the stomach? Get better soon though, OP.

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How spoiled is he? That's a trick question, right, since the OP is American? :D Seriously, we've raised a generation of spoiled brats, and we're working on a second.

Ok, I'll rephrase; How spoilt is the little brother that he thinks it's ok to punch his older brother shortly after having what was potentially life threatening surgery? Didn't think even Americans were that bad :P

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We've raised an army of spoiled children in this country. I know; I teach the little brats. I tell them each gray hair in my beard represents one of them. ;) Honestly, hard to tell if OP's brother is truly spoiled rotten, or if he's just four. He's still quite young.

That is true, if it had been a temper tantrum then yes, it's just the fact that he's four. It's the fact that he felt the need to punch his brother in his stomach, and surely at some point it would have been explained to him what had happened to his big brother, even in really simplistic terms.

I'm American and throughout my life I have had to work for everything I get. I had to get a job at 14 years old, I am an A honor role student, and my parents take my paycheck. We are upper class. I am never going to be spoiled and neither will my children.

It's not even that he's four; he's just a whiny little brat. My fiance had an emergency appendectomy last September and had to spend his recovery time at his parents since I had to finish up school and couldn't stay to take care of him. His mom babysat three of his cousins, the oldest being four and they were all very courteous and concerned about him. Mostly because they wanted him to play with them but whatever. They would go running around the house and slow down to a walk any time they went past him. It was cute :)

@Kikren - I hope that wasn't directed at me because I was only kidding when I said something about Americans being spoilt (hence why there was a :P at the end of it). @Avoidthegirl - My point was that if the kid had just said and whined that the OP had taken his mum away for two days, that would have been because he was four. I mean, obviously this isn't ideal behaviour even then, but children don't always have ideal behaviour, some grow out of it and others unfortunately don't. Obviously the punching the OP in the stomach suggests that the kid is just a brat. Though most of the four year olds I've ever known wouldn't have complained once their parents had explained the severity of the situation their big sibling would've been in if they'd been in the same situation. So yeah, I do agree with you that it's out of line.

it's not because he is spoiled he was just missing his mommy

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I think he probably didn't do it on purpose. I mean, punching him, yeah, but he is 4 and most likely didn't know really anything about the surgery.

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Your brother is going to grow up be an asshole.

OW! I now how that feels, I had to get mine taken out too because it was about to burst. Then, my dad hit me really hard cuz he got mad at the patriots for missing a touch down or something. Just OW!

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Ouch! I was slapped after my wisdom tooth surgery 'cause I mouthed off to my sister when I was detoxing off vicodin. The best course of action is, revenge. I'm sure the posters will offer many (original) tactics. Feel better OP - and show that little punk he's a jealous buttface.

While she shouldn't have done that, unless you were medicated for longer than usual, dosed too heavily, or you had an abnormal reaction or hypersensitivity to the medication, you shouldn't have been detoxing from Vicodin after such a short time. It's prescribed sparingly, and you normally wouldn't take it long enough to cause a physical dependency resulting in detox/withdrawl symptoms. If the exceptions I stated didn't apply to you, the detox was probably psychosomatic or just plain ol' pain symptoms. I have enough experience with both to say that prolonged pain can mimic detox. Occasionally, opiates can actually lower your tolerance for pain and cause hypersensitivity to it, but that generally takes much longer to develop, and is most often seen in chronic pain patients. Yes, I'm aware that I know more about this pain/opiate thing than the average 27 year old should. -_-

I hope your mom spanked your brother for that, thats just sick! Good luck!

His brother is like 4 years old. He probably didn't know what happened to OP.

Kids need to understand that hitting is NEVER allowed, unless in selfdefence. If you feel different fine, but being 4 is not an excuse to hit someone!

The pain after having your appendix removed is ridiculous. It hurt to even move when I had mine out. if someone had hit me I would have murdered them.