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By  Chazzster  |  21

25 degrees C = 77 F. That’s relatively warm for most Americans with AC. And that is one of the reasons grandma is sleeping nude.

(1) Bring this up to your Mom or Dad, whichever is directly related to grandma. It is unacceptable you should have to deal with this. And it might be a passive aggressive way to drive you out of your room so she gets it. Not all grandmas are nice as you have now discovered.

(2) If Mom or Dad cannot deal with the situation, go sleep on a couch or with Mom and Dad which will better incentivize them to solve the problem.

By  chosha_fml  |  25

That is bizarre. No matter how hot it is she could still wear something and why the hell wouldn’t the dog be on the floor instead of in the bed making everyone warmer?