By anonymous - 27/11/2009 09:20 - United States

Today, I was opening up to my close friend about my low self esteem. To make me feel better, he told me that he gets a boner whenever he walks behind me. FML
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jw90 18

he's trying to raise your self esteem by letting you know you raise his self esteem :).

qwerty581 0

well that's not a fml in my eye


underrwaterrx 0


hahahahaha! nice.

when he is walking behind u randomly turn around and give him a hug to c if he is telling the truth

#81 - WIN!


nice job

that's what you get for living in a communist state

zach055 23

Why can't girls take these things as a complement? Your sexy, be happy that guys are getting boners because of you

in Soviet Russia boners get you!

#72- it may be a complement, but the thought that your best guy friend wants to get in your pants is kinda creepy. And seriously, please learn how to use your and you're, that burned my eyes.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

if you have a guy friend who's not gay and if you're a woman, just expect he wants to get in your pants. That's just how guys are.

#79, if you're going to complain about someones grammar, learn to spell "compliment." -.-

qwerty581 0

well that's not a fml in my eye

Agreed... how the hell is that an FML? Means u have a hot butt.. :P

Fuck- i totally agree. i'd be flattered hahaha

Exactly. I don't see the problem here.

exactly! how is that an FML? That's a guy calling you sexy and complimenting your ass, which is apparently hot. Be proud of it!

Grmpman 7


lmao. mii guyfriends r dumb like that

hhhrrrrrr durrpp jahhhhh maaauuuhhhhmmmm shhhhllrrrp

tannarox 0

ur giefrends are what...12?

soo rr uuu! soo fnny!

Not as dumb as you, it seems...

not a fml, hook up with him

this is not an fml. it might be a little embarassing, but he was trying to help.

KingHumanity 0

My guy friend finds me irresistibly sexy. FML. Seriously. If he is your friend, and anywhere near decent-looking, bang him.

I think the entire male population just cheered.

She should at least give him a chance, anyway! I mean, he cares about her (trying to cheer her up), and he finds her attractive. Or is she lesbian? Then again, she might be so close she thinks of him more as a brother. Which really sucks for him, I know how THAT feels...

Bigniko26 0

You would be right too. WOOOOOHOOOOO

I know... so helpless... ..... exactly my situation. my ex is pretty and she is smart, but we r so close that she considers me a brother. 

umm 7 is a man?

smartieee 0

i think i get this.. at first i was like "thats a good thing..?" but then the friend said whenever he walks BEHIND herr.. possibly meaning he doesn't like her face? idk.

no, #8, it means he likes her butt xDDDD

jw90 18

he's trying to raise your self esteem by letting you know you raise his self esteem :).

misha1995 0

And by self-esteem, you mean dick :)

naturally, although i've never had a thing for that-i know tons of guys who do. they also listen to a song with the unforgetable chorus; my milkshake bring all the boners to my kitchen table for the perfect bj.. have you heard that song rockin' robin though; he rocks in the tree top all the day long; hopin' and a bopin' and a smokin' that bong chica-chica classic

Well at least you know you have a nice ass and that he'd love to do you from behind, it's win-win!