By Lin / Tuesday 2 March 2010 05:57 / United States
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ok what I really want to know is, did you then move after bumping into the frozen hotdog, or were you feelin frisky and freaky and decided to stay there?

this question will be haunting me all day...

  tokintot07  |  0

argeed--with junolee.

and has anyone realized this same story has been posted. first it was an old guy on the subway bumping, then the homeless guys on the subway, now it's an older man at a concert. jeez

  perdix  |  29

1. Wink at older man.
2. Complain that you are short on cash.
3. "Accidentally" bump the boner a few times.
4. Wink again.
5. Hike skirt
6. ?????
7. Profit!

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