By Lin - 02/03/2010 05:57 - United States

Today, I was at a concert and an older man offered to let me stand in front of him because I'm short. It wasn't until the show started and people were jumping around did I realize he had a boner and was repeatedly bumping into me. FML
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dude that's fucking creepy! call the panda

Did you enjoy Hannah Montana anyway??


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0h yuck that sucks. I hope he wasn't purposely bumping into you...

I think it's pretty obvious he was 0_0

YDI for being short

good, did u flash ur mameries, suck him and make him a sandwhich? if u didn't, quit ur bitching and get in the kitchen

theian01 3

I died reading #14's post. That was one of the best jokes he's had.

I've had that happen myself. Luckily it was a hot young guy though.

12 hahahaha lol haha XD lol seriously it's not his fault

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ok what I really want to know is, did you then move after bumping into the frozen hotdog, or were you feelin frisky and freaky and decided to stay there? this question will be haunting me all day...

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What a creeper.

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ydi for going to a concert that an old guy would go to. unless he went just so he could creep on girls. then fyl

once again reptarr wins

iiiii think if he was hott you should have offered to go fuck in the bathroom!

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then move?

ewwww that soo creepy

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@51 you me = good buttsecks?

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@51 you me = good buttsecks??

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I call fake. I've read the same FML but it was on a train

#83 whats wrong with you thats like the third time you posted that to some random girl you pedifile

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yu deserve it for making him get one

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@ 12 fuck you you prick. OP can't help that they are short!

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ha thank you really i'm short it's not under my control!!

dude that's fucking creepy! call the panda

sexual harrassment panda?

They should make it possible to "like" comments.

Note the thumbs-up icon to your right, if you're in a browser. If not, disregard this comment. It'll self-destruct shortly anyway.

they don't have the thumbs on an iPod

@43 which is kinda ironic when you think about it...

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haha!! it totally is ironic!

I dont get it 55.......

neither do I...

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you use your thumbs to type on a iPod/iPhone

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hey #66 let's hook up

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am I the only one who got the South Park reference?

haha dang that suckss you got set up. He must have had a blast.

3rd! y'all should really try to KETCH-UP!

2nd fail man...your fkn 4th u retard even in another post u failed to count right

Yeah, what ^^^ said

what a retard. fail again #3

Hear hear. What a douche.

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argeed--with junolee. and has anyone realized this same story has been posted. first it was an old guy on the subway bumping, then the homeless guys on the subway, now it's an older man at a concert. jeez

Did you enjoy Hannah Montana anyway??

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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! best comment ever

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a concert free humping. you know some people have to pay to get hump. unless the concert was sucky I don't see an FML here.

If she had to pay to be humped by an old man, a refund is necessary.

perdix 29

1. Wink at older man. 2. Complain that you are short on cash. 3. "Accidentally" bump the boner a few times. 4. Wink again. 5. Hike skirt 6. ????? 7. Profit!

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omg perdix yet again ... epic fuckin win


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I've seen something very similar before here.

#15 hell yea!!! ;D that is sooooooo messed up! ewwwww. like, eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww.

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if you didn't move or hit him in the nutts, ydi!

Agreed just because you're short doesn't mean you can't stand up for yourself.

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why do people keep sayin that no one deserves to be sexually harrassed and she probably did dobsomething to him. duuhh

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eww what a creep