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Today, I was having a driving lesson. I ended up driving so badly that my instructor asked me to stop the car. Not so he could explain my mistakes to me, but so he could get out and vomit. FML
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PSQ91 6

Stop the car please. Stop it! Stop the ******* car!! bwarrggghhh


that sucks. practice more, and better luck next time :)

i would recommend to Avoid driving. staying cooped up in your basement is a good alternative, I never need to drive because being a hooker my clients always drive to my house or drive me home. it's kind of nice :)

yummycupkake 0

D: for some reason, and I'm just throwing random things out there but umm I dont think you passed that test.

me either. and dammit yummy, way to eat those cookies without me :( *jumps off a cliff onto a pile of pink frosted heart cookies*

vomiting is good for you:) You probably increased his/her health Op

jamila123 5

What test?? OP said driving lessons.

33, I think 23 was just *puts on sunglasses* testing you

by any chance are you Asian and a female?

jamila123 5

36, thanks for *takes off sunglasses* clearing that up.

imnotcraZ 0

people how many times have we gone over can't drive in the real world like you do in Grand Theft Auto!

zendaddy0 0

Ohhhhhh so that means you did bad?

cheer4ever96 8

#28 are you bulimic? seriously!!

PSQ91 6

Stop the car please. Stop it! Stop the ******* car!! bwarrggghhh

Stop the car please. Stop it! Stop the ******* car! Dr. Octagonapus, Blaaaaaaaa!!!

I don't believe that people understood my reference. Watch Laser Collections 2 on YouTube.

no trust me, we all saw the reference

67-I kinda just wanted to pass the video on to people who haven't.

oboewhore_xD 6

I laugh so hard every time I watch that video.

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ryanebk 7

haha my instructor failed me Cus we didn't get along. so I took a drive with his supervisor and said I got 100%. but I have driven in the past. most people I know go into that course to brush up on how to do things properly

Oh yes because he just decided to vomit to be exemplary. Next time he'll have to be sure to properly teach OP between the heaves. I vomit on command when I'm trying to make a point too - in fact I should do so now to show all these morons that you're right, puking is completely within one's control. Seriously?

3 - though you say this, instructors are people too. If the student's driving put them in harm's way, they have the right to be afraid lol. My first instructor yelled and cursed at me. Sure, it made me never wanna sit behind the wheel again (not really..) but I could've killed us several times.

All of you are missing my point. OP clearly states the instructor vomited because of her inadequate driving skills. Whether or not the instructor actually vomited is unknown to us, but unlikely. It was probably the instructor feigning vomiting to be a jerk. Since this is the most likely case, the instructor should be reprimanded for that kind of behavior; so unprofessional and blatantly insulting. I don't see clearer logic than that. If you guys had (or are having) experiences like the ones you are stating, those instructors should also be reprimanded. There is no excuse for insulting a completely inexperienced driver. When I got my driving lessons, the instructors were very patient, polite, and considerate. I remember how I almost crashed the first time because I'd never been behind the wheel prior, but the instructor just simply moved the wheel and wasn't even phased and just kept on instructing. I kept thinking later how he didn't react badly, which would have freaked me out more. THAT is how a driving instructor should be, not this kind of insulting and impatient one. Btw, I normally don't post like this (not emotional per se, but argumentative) but I just can't stand thinking of the inadequacies of the DMV these days; it's disgusting, especially instructors like these. also guys, this post had like 15 or 20 thumbs up before going to the negatives,

60 - Well OP did in fact state the instructor got out and puked, no? If it was an act, OP would have said so. Otherwise, take the FML as it is. Don't assume stuff and twist it to your own liking.

brookig 10

60- I would thumb you down but your comment is too long for my iPhone.. ????????????

ReynshineCutting 10

Why on earth would someone fake throwing up to purposely insult a student? That makes absolutely no sense and is not as you claim, the most likely situation. OP said the instructor got sick. Most likely, OP was swerving a lot, braking hard, accelerating too fast, driving jerky, etc which gave the instructor motion sickness. There's nothing unprofessional about that. How you don't see that as the most likely scenario is beyond me.

The most likely case is that he faked it?! Are you out of your tiny tiny mind?! Your ass must be massive to pull something like that out of it. That's idiocy on a superhuman level. Unless you're just one of those people who can't handle looking like an idiot and has to constantly change his story in order to not look so, in which case you're and idiot and a narcissist. Good job.

uridea 14

It clearly says the instructor got out to vomit there is nothing in that FML that would prove otherwise so why you think the instructor is faking it is beyond me... maybe you should re-read it?

wow. I wont even begin to try and argue with all of you idiots. you're taking the FML too literally.

He's right guys, getting out to vomit was a METAPHOR for looking over and calling OP a F***ing idiot! Saying "maybe the instructor was just sick." is a valid asdumption, saying "no, the instructor obviously pretended to puke to insult the driver" is like a cop changing words around in someones statement, only that would get you in more trouble... Either way, id she drives THAT badly she deserves to be insulted, why is everyone so sensitive nowadays? And before anyone mentions "customer service", OP paid to learn to drive, not to have someone be nice to them, and that's all they (or you) should expect. "your taking this FML too literally." I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that there was a "riddles" section for FML submitting. OP said what happened, so thats what happened. If they had something else to add, they had plenty of room to do so.

103 I'm not sure how to reply because you agreed with me and argued with me in the same post... And no, there wasn't space to add. If you didn't know, there is a 300 character limit to FML's, and by the looks of it, she reached that limit and was probably forced to omit how the instructor feigned vomiting and simply left "to vomit".

188 characters, give or take 3 or 4... yes, I counted. at least look into your arguments before you try and use them. I dont see where I would be agreeing with you at all... your adding a whole new element to what the FML originally said, and Im sure with 110-115 more characters OP could make it clear whether he was faking or not. Aside from that, the only people I see who pretend to puke as a joke or insult are little kids... kind of immature for someone who has to have a lot of patience, they wouldn't have had their job for long. Your "most likely solution" points directly to an immature girl/guy who by some twist of fate, got placed in a position where they require patience and experience, then managed to keep their job/pass "screening" long enough to be able to instruct new drivers. But again, who pretends to puke to insult someone past 3rd grade? You've managed to look somewhat smart through spelling.. the only thing is your reasoning things like a 5 year old. -_-

fine. you guys win. I don't really care. I don't have to prove anything to any of you.

Yet you keep commenting. Go home, fool, pick a new battle. Best of luck to you.

KingGeorgeGal 12

You should probably get more practice from your parents next time.

It's good you have an instructor. Sure, you may suck at driving, but he can help you get better at driving!

Yeah, after he picks up some pepto.

What makes you think it was because of your driving 'skills'?

OP meant his/her lack of said 'skills'

lisha88 1

ewww maybe he was drinking

JustinThunder 8

At least you didn't run someone over.