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#33 Thats NOT true at all! Im in the same shoes as the op! Its the ecomny (sp). I bet you have an easy job! One where people dont call you up daily and yell and swear at you because someone, NOT you made a mistake but your the lucky one to answer the call. Some jobs are SO demanding and you get paid crap still!


#33 Ever raise kids? I raise other peoples kids. I made under 5 bucks an hour for 2 kids working 55 hours a week and I was damn good at my job. I even used my own money to pay for things the kids needed! Just cuz you dont make enough does NOT mean you suck at your job!


I never said I was a perfect speller. You try being up for 24 hours and see how well you spell/ function.

Oh and thantos or w/ e ur username is cause I cant see it now: I have MAJOR anger. Try 17 years worth. You can thank my mothers boyfriend for that!

  ZoroFresh  |  0

67. you're too old to be wearing Aero. That shits for 12-15 year olds...

As for your unwarranted rants about how much you make/made, it's no one's fault but your own. Its quite easy to work while looking for a better paying job. Sure the economy is a factor, but it's your lack or initiative that put you in your position. Think twice before you randomly lash out for no apparent reason.


I really dont care. I have low self esteem, I take what I can get and at the time that was the only job I could get. Unlike some people, I have bills to pay.
And as for my choice of a sweatshirt, whixh I actually wear as a jacket, its MY choice. But thanks DB for the concern!
I love people whos only pleasure in life is to pick on others! :)

  Jvr91  |  8

and the whole argument was because some loser has no life fiending call of duty wants to be a dick and another loser thinks this is English class when it's the Internet.Y'all don't know shit about jobs.

  DocBastard  |  38

Jvr91, care to explain why "it's the Internet" is in any way relevant to anything? Is that supposed to be some kind of excuse for your poor grammar?

And please explain your vast knowledge of jobs at 16 years old. I'm waiting with bated breath.

  Mistery510  |  6

haha Kayla your more pathetic than the op...

you talk as if we are all little kids.... can't find a better paying Job that's BS... there's ALWAYS something better.... omg like totally you Are like the only one who has bills to pay like omg ... shut up cry baby... here's an Idea... don't BUY shit you CAN'T afford....

and the picking on others thing... that's just plain funny..... we only pick on those who need picking on....

  aussie_gemini  |  5

why hasn't anyone mentioned the random step father rant about misplaced anger... that shit got me confused!

anyways, 5 bucks an hour seems a bit poor, I hope you find a better job..