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Today, I learned that the hardest part of marrying a historian is choosing baby names. His top choices derive from two Roman magistrates, two abbesses, a tenth-century author, and an obscure Greek official. I already let him name our pug, for whom he chose the name "Tertullianus." FML
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Far out baby names, might wanna dial it down about 50% and come up with a something more acceptable and serious, like Tiberius


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That's not the issue; the issue is that they want to name their kid something stupid that no kid would want.

frankly its not about what the kid wants vs having a meaningful name....

chrisbeaudoin 26

Might be a meaningful name, but it won't be fun getting bullied later in life cause of it.

The concept of "meaningful name" has been farfetched for some. For example, Le-a, which pronounces Lay-dash-uh *shudders*

If she wanted to really be accurate, she'd make sure people called her La-hyphen-a

Far out baby names, might wanna dial it down about 50% and come up with a something more acceptable and serious, like Tiberius

Or maybe something that can be shortened into a more common name. A friend of my dad's named his son Leonidas (after the guy from 300, of course) but they just call him Leo all the time

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Well you can't say that Tertullianus wasn't a serious man, especially if you are Christian. Check out Wikipedia. As for acceptable, there are names much more stupid than this one.

Tiberius isn't exactly a great name for someone when you think about the Roman emperor Tiberius

Allornone 35

but it is a great name when you consider Starfleet captain James Tiberius Kirk

Well Leonidas was an actual King long before they made 300...

Aim for reasonable, but if it's still weird, make it a middle name. Kids get embarrassed by middle names even when they're completely normal. I went to school with a girl who refused to tell us her middle name for years... and it turned out to be Claire.

askullnamedbilly 33

And since it's pretty hard to yell Tertullianus at a misbehaving dog, I'm about 85% sure the poor thing's nickname is Turd.

He'll be the butt of everyone's jokes.

I'm pretty sure that everyone's going to call him Turtle-anus anyway.

I honestly think its unique to do that. i can see how it can be a bit extreme but better than some of the names I've hears these days.

Naming a baby after someone else is literally the opposite of unique.

Yeah but naming after someone with a unique name is pretty unique.

You can still be unique even if someone else has the same idea. Sometimes People take ideas or perfect them. It stops being unique if people are doing it for a trend.

How does "naming after someone else is literally opposite of unique" have upvotes? How does the original comment have downvotes? One of the definitions for unique is "unusual," and even if it wasn't an official definition, you all know perfectly well everyone uses it that way and it would be in the thesaurus. Sounds like the kid would go through its entire life never meeting anyone else with the same name, and everyone who ever meets it will never have known anyone by that name before. That's a unique name.

Op it sounds like you don't have a choice in choosing baby names.

you can't be too mad. that's a good name for a pug! just set boundaries on the baby names

I can't even figure out how to pronounce the pug's name.

If you have twins, you could name them Romulus and Remus. Unfortunately you would have to abandon them in the woods to be raised by a she-wolf. Then one twin would kill the other, but take solace in knowing that the survivor would build the capital city of one of the grea... [gets interrupted by Kanye West] "I'ma let you finish, but Genghis Khan had one of the greatest empires of all time! One of the greatest empires of all time!"

I actually love Romulus and Remus , although you'd get asked all the time if you named him Remus because of Harry Potter

ashyash90 8

Sounds like a teacher I had once. Her first son was named Mitchell but then her husband let her name the next two and she chose Athena for the girl and Tiberius for the boy!

Well, Athena's not so bad. Tiberius, now that's a different chapter.

I would go with Odin and Freya but that's just me.

Freya is pretty and simple but Odin is just asking for your kid to get bullied.