By Garrett - 01/10/2009 05:58 - United States

Today, I was on my computer when the girl that I really like instant-messages me. I went to type back, accidentally pressed control-V, and posted an entire article on how to remove genital warts. FML
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how can u ACCIDENTLY press ctrl+v??? YDI, seriously

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I lol'd XD Can you imagine being the girl and being like "Lalalalalala, oh let's say hi to freddy. 'hey' la la la waiting for him to reply. "GENITAL WARTS BLAH BLAH BLAH' eeeekkk!" :D


fake, you cant paste tht much at once... and how can you accidentally hit ctrl + v ...

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Wrong! Here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is that a record high. The latest figures from the CDC inform us that approximately 80% of the Western world will be affected by genital warts at least once during their life. Genital warts are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). There are various strains of this virus, some more malicious than others. The onset of genital warts can differentiate from three days to three years after you have been infected. There are some cases of people being infected and never knowing it, because they never develop the hideous warts. How to remove genital warts? There are many treatment options open and available from your treatment of genital warts. These should be explained to you by a medical professional. Often the warts treatments can be time-consuming, expensive and they vary from painful chemicals applied directly to the warts to laser and surgery options. Just about all the cure is the genital warts require routine that is repeated over a number of weeks and often months. Cures for genital warts often strip away one's personal privacy and self confidence, as they are looked upon as an embarrassment. You often have delayed their exposed in your doctor's office for treatment by either the doctor them self or by the nurse. Which is the right cure the you? The treatment that you decide upon is completely up to you. There is an FDA regulated treatment that is obtainable to use in the privacy of your own home. It is a get rid of genital warts treatment that has been proven effective and importantly safe. You don't want your partner to have them, you don't want to have them. If left untreated they get worse and worse. Imagine the rumors if you give someone genital warts, Your reputation would mean nothing. So act now by using the best natural genital wart treatment available, before the problem gets out of hand. Visit Wartrol to finally beat genital warts. Source: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW, we can copy/paste much more than this!

i ment on a messenger screen!!!! i know trust me :P it just stops... half way through... or turns into a .tmp document... which u can cancel before they download... =]

Actually, I can do on windows messenger with messenger plus.

this is true.. but still pretty far fetched.. and you have to have the script and the right set up... and a whole article? i think ur most lilkly to crash the crappy persons laptop

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god what kind of hand spasm did you have?

This is so obviously fake, and I don't usually call fake. The OP can't be more than 14, who IMs after that age? Therefore, why would the OP be researching genital warts? Then, why would the OP have highlighted and copied the whole article in the first place? Lastly, how do you accidently press ctrl-v and enter in quick succession accidently and without realizing it? This seems like a very unlikely course of events...

Thunderbender 2

#1 lots of people im if theres no way to talk face to face #2 lots of people ctrl v and then immediatley press enter, if you im enough ya start to just automatically press enter when you're done writing. #3 I prolly didnt accidentally press ctrl V he prolly forgot what he had just copied and thought he was pasting something else, that also tends to happen alot.

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Not fake, but if the OP multi-tabbed, pasted, and sent without looking, it means that he was careless. YDI.

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Whats so juvenile about IMing?

Then you say: "Now you know and knowing is half the battle!"

Yeah, I agree with #1. This seems pretty unbelievable. Also, thumbs up for #1 not saying FIRST. Very refreshing :)

Ok, weird. I didn't say anything I'm not supposed to say.. Stupid :(

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I lol'd XD Can you imagine being the girl and being like "Lalalalalala, oh let's say hi to freddy. 'hey' la la la waiting for him to reply. "GENITAL WARTS BLAH BLAH BLAH' eeeekkk!" :D

krivedko 0

how can u ACCIDENTLY press ctrl+v??? YDI, seriously

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This kinda happened to me, I was texting by ICQ with my crush, pressed shift to type capital V and accidentally pressed ctrl. I sent it because I don't often look at what I've typed. Thank God there was only the name of song I was googling copied.

He was probably trying to hit shift + v and missed...if this isn't a complete fabrication

Except that then he would have meant to hit Shift + v then "Enter"? I doubt it Fake.

the backspace is right above the enter... it's easier to mistake enter for backspace than crtl for shift

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yes, because everyone presses control V, then enter. lmao. that suckss! did you at least play it cool and blame your ***** of a sister or something?

why did you have a whole artical on genital warts copied anyway :/

happens and it sucks the ctrl v not the warts. u n wat really sucks? thinking ur typing ur pass in a pass field but realy ur still clicked into an aim box or sumthing and u dont look up till after uve hit enter.

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Haha this has happened to me, except I click in the field, then someone IMs me (making the box pop-up), then I type it and hit enter without looking because it happens so fast.

You know what else sucks? Your spelling.