By anonymous - United States
Today, I started to type up a mass text to tell a decent amount of my friends that I'd just come home to a surprise from my boyfriend. Trying to fix a typo, I accidentally hit send with the text only saying "Guess what?! I just came." FML
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  DGross  |  8

Congrats... how about another FML when you get la

...but seriously it's amusing but hardly an FML... just send the next message starting where you left off...problem solved :-0

  Monikabug  |  9

Somebody call The Lonely Island. ._.

Boo hoo, you sent an incomplete text message Your life is not fucked. Send another text message. Everything will be fine. Get over it, OP.

  Firetroop  |  0

MonikaBug, calm down and stop ranting, sheesh. FMyLife is about ANECDOTES, funny LITTLE things that mess up someone's day. Jeez, I'm sick of you guys..

  ReyEr9412  |  0

Monika and Dgross are right. FML stands for fuck my life. This persons life isn't fucked, so this is therefore not an FML. There is a site for posting everyday stories like this. It is called MLIA.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Pendatic explains this so much better but FML is about those incidents that ruin your day. This could not have set the average person back more than 10 seconds, if that. I think most of us would laugh and finish the text.

Unless OP comes in here describing how her 98-year old grandmum got the text and had a heart attack or her dad got it and grounded her or she was so enraged with technology she threw the damn thing into a wall, I'm not seeing the problem.

  Mifflicious  |  18

#128, you say calling is more convenient-maybe if you have to tell one person something, but this person had something to say to lots of people.. Is it really so convenient to sall all of them, one by one, instead of sending the same message to everyone by just pressing one button?


  afatmonkey  |  0

I know really. I did that once and an angry trucker came to my house and poured vegetable oil in my gas tank and spraypainted my cat purple. Then he pooped out a Harley and rode off into the sunset.

  LTMcleod  |  0

what a fake fml, if it corrected, it would correct the words not the phrase. and the fact that there was exclimation marks, and question marks, plus it was a shorter phrase then the original proves it was wrong. plus, if this is true, your fault for trying to brag.

  DanceGirl01  |  0

when I mess up a text all I do is say. "disreguard that last text from me. i accudently hit the send button. sorry. what I meant to say was __________blah___________. again sorry.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Even worse, she put a "?" after "guess what."

That's one of the most annoying things a person can type to me.

YDI for not being able to figure out it's not a question, OP.

  redbluegreen  |  40

I guess that includes you, pendulum2012, doesn't it. I'd invite you to a get together, but you see, I only hang out with people I know in real life. Shame, you're stuck at home probably touching yourself to RedTube. I'll try to run into you on a different forum someday. I know you'll miss me. ;D