By anonymous - 14/03/2010 14:49 - United States

Today, I started to type up a mass text to tell a decent amount of my friends that I'd just come home to a surprise from my boyfriend. Trying to fix a typo, I accidentally hit send with the text only saying "Guess what?! I just came." FML
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BrookeTrueblood 0

To begin with, why would your friends even care? Also, I don't see what's so difficult about making a small joke, explaining the situation, and then writing the rest of your text.

alice_wt 0

who cares, send another message correcting yourself


Guess what? Not an FML!

YDI for being a woman

I agree. Could have been worse

just fix it u idiot

pipp360 0

how's thatcan fml?!?!

Congrats... how about another FML when you get la ...but seriously it's amusing but hardly an FML... just send the next message starting where you left off...problem solved :-0

Melkezidech 0

Why the fuck would your friends care about that. Jesus, FML has really gone to shit lately......

Agree with DGross. Mildly amusing but not in any way is YLF'ed. Just send another text finishing your boring boast. It is annoying when that happens though.

lmao fyl that's funny.

Haha!!! That's not that bad of an FML. But, you might wanna send another text to them continuing the text...

LMAO. Thats awesome!

hahahahaha fail

ChocolateTazer 0

It'd be really weird if you got a reply saying "So did I!"

marleytooyou 0

hahaha sukka

lmao ohhh that's funny.

skullbashd 3

why did you feel the need to tell your friends you just got home you umma text web your going to te bathroom too.

YDI for being one of those annoying people who text everything their bf does , nobody gives a shit !

gina1231 0

that's hilarious!! fyl op

blackhawk089 0

this is not an fml...

expen_dable 0

DGross is the "Person Who Doesn't Realize that ISN'T About Horrible Life-Ruining Catastrophic Events" of the Day!

Jazzmie 0

hahaha did they reply?

hahaha lol that's funny! woulda been ok if it was my friends but I'm assuming it's not so funny with your friends?

XYZzzzzzzz 0


time to nut up or shut up

love this fml. what did everyone reply with?

Monikabug 9

Somebody call The Lonely Island. ._. Boo hoo, you sent an incomplete text message Your life is not fucked. Send another text message. Everything will be fine. Get over it, OP.

MonikaBug, calm down and stop ranting, sheesh. FMyLife is about ANECDOTES, funny LITTLE things that mess up someone's day. Jeez, I'm sick of you guys..

expen_dable 0

#111 is a good example of PMS

heh, total FML your life is officially over due to that message you sent

YDI for texting when calling is so much more convienient.

Monikabug 9

Lol @112 thinking that was a rant. It wasn't. :) I just think it was a foolish anecdote.

I agree with FireTroop

FYLDeep 25

Must have been a good surprise.

ryguy997 0

at least a boy didn't say that...

What do you think that every FML is going to be a tragic one? Stop trolling

Monika and Dgross are right. FML stands for fuck my life. This persons life isn't fucked, so this is therefore not an FML. There is a site for posting everyday stories like this. It is called MLIA.

hey 11-dumbitchhater--look behind u--a db is gonna [email protected] ur [email protected]@

then I jizzed in my pants - goes off to sing song-

what are you like 12?

Pendatic explains this so much better but FML is about those incidents that ruin your day. This could not have set the average person back more than 10 seconds, if that. I think most of us would laugh and finish the text. Unless OP comes in here describing how her 98-year old grandmum got the text and had a heart attack or her dad got it and grounded her or she was so enraged with technology she threw the damn thing into a wall, I'm not seeing the problem.

super catchy song

Say you saw and conquered, too.

prevert_fml 0

@ReyEr9412 do you have a life? or do you just sit there commenting fmls all day because I swear every single fml I read has a comment from you

LOL @116!!! excellent comedic timing 

biohaz_fml 0

do u wanna get my ball

hamstring 0

wa2_ev. You sound fat.

Not an fml, I believe the site your looking for is mlia

itsgen 16

oh wow really big deal

yeah, begin were you stoped and all your friends just think you did it as an joke!

#128, you say calling is more convenient-maybe if you have to tell one person something, but this person had something to say to lots of people.. Is it really so convenient to sall all of them, one by one, instead of sending the same message to everyone by just pressing one button? Jeez...

Tlovee29 0

Thatss Mean! lol

do not take it serious, they re just jealous with ur beauty... I think so.

terranada 3

I lol'd xD

11- YDI for being a troll

Mirandals 0

I really hate that.

I know really. I did that once and an angry trucker came to my house and poured vegetable oil in my gas tank and spraypainted my cat purple. Then he pooped out a Harley and rode off into the sunset.

@32: I want that spray paint back

evolutionsfox 0

@32 that was godly

b1acksharpi3mark 0

I think I'm in love with afatmonkey

32, guess what!!?? i just came

ugh stupid ipod causing me to comment fail... fml

wow this is pissin me off, at first it said i replied to the wrong comment but now its in the right spot... damn you, mindfucking me like that!!

haha mindfuckin.....

mindfucking? would shower caps be condoms? o. o yeah you're right stupid comment...

alice_wt 0

who cares, send another message correcting yourself

peace7love2FML 0

Exactly! It's really no big deal.

Jrook 0

it's not life changing, it's funny

LTMcleod 0

what a fake fml, if it corrected, it would correct the words not the phrase. and the fact that there was exclimation marks, and question marks, plus it was a shorter phrase then the original proves it was wrong. plus, if this is true, your fault for trying to brag.

DanceGirl01 0

when I mess up a text all I do is say. "disreguard that last text from me. i accudently hit the send button. sorry. what I meant to say was __________blah___________. again sorry.

bigpapi210 0

that's dumb.

Yeah, I hate mass-texters. It seems impersonal and at worst, it's like mass-forwarding. You deserved it for not double checking your shit.

BrookeTrueblood 0

To begin with, why would your friends even care? Also, I don't see what's so difficult about making a small joke, explaining the situation, and then writing the rest of your text.

I agree, the only person that would really give a shit is OP's boyfriend

God you're so much fun

LOL! that's hilarious 

Mass text ? YDI

dudeitsdanny 9

Even worse, she put a "?" after "guess what." That's one of the most annoying things a person can type to me. YDI for not being able to figure out it's not a question, OP.

Agreed. I loathe when people decide to mass text me. Also when they brag via text message. They say masturbation kills puppies, but this is worse.

pendulum2012 0

I never send out mass texts but everyone who replied to #8 sounds like they have no friends anyway. internet friends on FML don't count.

well, you did answer too ... bienvenue au club my friend ^^

I guess that includes you, pendulum2012, doesn't it. I'd invite you to a get together, but you see, I only hang out with people I know in real life. Shame, you're stuck at home probably touching yourself to RedTube. I'll try to run into you on a different forum someday. I know you'll miss me. ;D

lovelyred 0

lol it depends who you sent it to that makes the fml. like if it was your grandma I'd lol.

maddie1 0

wow this is the stupidest fml ever how did it even get on here? i mean wtf

purpPie 0

Hmmm...I did that once...except I was telling the truth :D