By Anonymous - United States
Today, my boyfriend told my roommate about a trick he had used by filling nail holes with toothpaste when he moved out. When I came home with putty to fill the holes, there were blue spots all over the walls. She had filled them with blue gel toothpaste. Now I get to repaint, too. FML
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  Karya_fml  |  0

How the hell does she deserve it? She didn't try to get it cheap, she even went to buy some putty, not her fault her boyfriend is a cheapo and her roommate's brain turned off for some reason.

@OP: FYL, but I must admit I laughed. A lot.

  lexiBRo  |  0

yeah shortcuts.. almost always involve more work..
that's pretty gross bc toothpaste is sweet and sticky and would think it would attract bugs after a while...

  tpag3r  |  0

chances are if its a nail hole then they didnt completly fill it with toothpaste so id just poke the nail back in there to get the blue out then do the putty or whatever

By  xxlillyxx  |  0

its ok painting walls is funn especially if its creative.... ur life isnt screwd forever look on the bright side he could have painted part of the wall black or something....