By distracted - 13/07/2015 13:56 - Australia - Pymble

Today, I woke up early and took my medication to help me focus while catching up on lectures. I ended up spending the whole day focused on fixing my drawer for no apparent reason. FML
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bnbhimp 10

You gotta get off that shit


hippodankamus 22

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that's what I'm wondering

bnbhimp 10

You gotta get off that shit

Better then doing nothing I suppose

Note to self- done take medication for focus until I'm actually ready to focus..

myoukei 31

Shit doesn't kick in immediately tho. Take it during/after the first meal before you need to work or they may act as an appetite suppressant.

mds9986 24

Try a beer.

gotta love adderal. makes me do the same shit

Mortoli 30

i took vyvanse same stuff just way stronger than xr. i had most dosage too. mostly cause i was addicted to it. kept asking to up it till doc said it was maxed.

20- vyvance is the cheap generic version of adderal. For people without insurance and can't afford the real stuff.

36 - Bullshit. I've taken Vyvanse for over four years now, and I can tell you it works MUCH better for me than Adderal ever did. I tried that stuff once and switched back to Vyvanse because it just wasn't doing anything for me. Drugs affect different people in different ways, and I personally wouldn't call Vyvanse the "cheap generic version" of anything.

45- Well i've had both and for me adderal just feels more natural. Vyvance is like drinking 15 cups of coffee at once and the crash kills me. So sorry if me calling Vyvance cheap and generic offended you. but i stand by what i say

46 - Eh, no need to be sorry. It is true that Adderal is much more widely used than Vyvanse, so there's probably some truth to it. I guess your comment in combination with what 20 said just rubbed me the wrong way. Vyvanse has helped me a lot over the years, so I'm very fond of it :P (I totally get what you mean about the rush and the crash, though--you may have been on too high a dosage if it affected you that badly, but it certainly doesn't go away completely.)

Vyvanse does not cone generic and is actually more expensive than Adderall which comes in generic form. Vyvanse just has a coupon you can use to lower the price. call any pharmacy and I ask, I work in one and deal with his all the time

SpartyOnWayne 18

Adderall had you like

Like what? I need you to focus and tell me! I can't take the suspense!

ColonelCusswords 24

At least you know the meds work