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I'll bet that was a real letdown.

Through the lip ? Ouch.... well atleast it was memorable.


Ha, FAIL #2!! You deserve it, no one cares.

No, you're not.

Consider yourself lucky. Most girls don't get to experience such an intense kiss

omg! ouch! the rest of the rioller coaster must have been horrible!!!

It was a nice attempt..

And you decided it was a good time to kiss back??? Both FYL because that really sucks and YDI because you apparently leaned close enough for him to bite through your lip and solely blame him.

I love your pic number 10

man, trolls suck, but u suck at being a troll. damn you doubly suck. you should go away ): haha jk bout the last part.

It's a new type of piercing :D

Actually it bites....

this sounds like a funny story people will tell if you and your boyfriend het married.

thats why they say youll never forget the 1st kiss

don't complain that was a really sweet idea

why the fuck did he bite you he must be retarded it's not that hard to give someone a kiss on a rollercoaster

when he said you look good enough to eat he meant it;) did he follow this up with some fava beans and a nice chianti?

its funny because your not first

suprise lip piercing

Ohh. Sorry. That bites. Lol

Surprise lip biting > surprise butt secks

how could u and your boyfriend reach each other on a roller coaster!! *Long Necks Maybe?*

circle with a line going through it

list of above pictures

Um, striped sweater! :D

^^ and these comments serve as an example why I love FML commenters.

Well, every relationship has it's ups and downs.

Through the lip ? Ouch.... well atleast it was memorable.

I'll fuck u on a roler coaster!!!

That's a compliment coming from Avenged Sevenfold. Take that offer.

Avenged sevenfold is the best! R.I.P. the Rev.

oh gosh ur pic scares me #31

88, I know. Those are my friends little sisters posters. she had millions O.o

oh shiet not good at timing huh?

I'll bet that was a real letdown.

lol! good way to look at it. sucks for you op!

You could say he bit off... *puts on sunglasses* More than he could chew. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

I now have great respect for you.

haha 50 ftw but the idea of it was romantic it just didnt turn out as hoped :S

50, well played. But, isn't it usually the Miami dude on here that does those? :P

lmao wow that really sucks :P

It takes two to tango. You didn't have to kiss him back. Don't blame it all on him. You could have avoided it. YDI. (but sorry about your lip)

hey! he tried...