By Joel_28 - Canada
  Today, I went to the physician to check my rear because it was hurting. My usual doctor wasn't available, so he was replaced by a gorgeous woman with big cleavage. when she asked me to pull down my pants, she saw that I had a huge hard on. FML
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  ButtNekked  |  0

I inferred that your older then 10 by saying cleavage instead of boobies, at which I don't see how you could get a boner unless she walked in naked. Control your hormones, also FYL if ur parents where in the room with you.

  tooflirty  |  8

How come when a guy have an uncontrollable boner he must have controle his hormones , yet when a woman go all coco while she is on her period or pregnant it's ok ?

  DGross  |  8

By the OP stating his "hard on" was "huge" I fail to see the FML part in this FML unless

*his parents were in the room which would be awkward

*he was ashamed he failed so hard at controlling his erection...

  tyrob911  |  0

he never said he hadn't seen boobs before. since your name's Devin, I imagine you're a dude unless otherwise. just incase you can't tell, what OP saw is basically one of the many fantasies that normal straight guys wish for. So it has nothing to do with being a virgin or never seeing boobs before

  treesdevin  |  0

hahaa tyrob...I'm sorry you and the OP can't even get some least have a girl show you her boobs...just because I've done it already doesn't mean you have to be mad at me bitchh....pussy moneyy weed 8) the only things that matter in this fucked up world

  Inquizeron  |  18

You realize that you sound like some broke street rapper trying to make it in Detroit (not Eminem)? People actually have dreams in the world, such as curing cancer or colonizing Mars, and yours are vaginas, currency, and cannabis... This is why we need weekly executions for people like you.