By Joel_28 - 01/03/2010 00:33 - Canada

Today, I went to the physician to check my rear because it was hurting. My usual doctor wasn't available, so he was replaced by a gorgeous woman with big cleavage. when she asked me to pull down my pants, she saw that I had a huge hard on. FML
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he's a douche because he couldn't contol an uncontrollable function?

Jeez, I hope her hands weren't cold.


great icebreaker?

Wow. Haha!!! Have fun with that!

....And then you shot a Porno!

Hey, who can hide it?

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i don't see the fml in this. today a very attractive woman saw my junk and there were no lawsuits involved fml.

lol 28, it's rear, not ear! haha

I agree, there is no fml, only fml there should be is bc u didn't bang her

Sucks in most viewpionts...

maybe you can reshedule for an appointment In the front rather than the rear.

that's embarasing

she shooda been flattered. op it's nbd she probley new way she was doing. why else would she show her ( big cleavage ) lol

too bad she was turned off at how small it was. jk

thats when you are supposed to say.. You like what you see?

this is only an fml if she didnt start suckin it when she saw it

I inferred that your older then 10 by saying cleavage instead of boobies, at which I don't see how you could get a boner unless she walked in naked. Control your hormones, also FYL if ur parents where in the room with you.

I bet she was freaked out

control yourself haha.

hahah at least you didnt go in to be checked for testicular cancer.

@78 It's kinda impossible to control hormones. Erections happen at random times.

and that is why you should be a doctor :) pull down you pants bitch...

how is this an fml

he said rear, like his butt, not his ear... lol that rhymes!! =)

Lol number 28 was making a scrubs reference xD

hahahahah wow. all I have to say is wow hahahaha

you mean embarrASSing

fake. why would she have you pull down your pants for an ear problem? also 2 you're way cute :))))

it says REAR not EAR...

OH ... maybe it's not fake.

he said rear, not ear

@ButtNekked I inferred that you can't spell 'than'.


I def read "ear" too hahahaha

sounds like a nice first day

that's happened to me b4

rear....not earq

at least it was huge right? yeaah..

it's like those doctor patient pornos! :D

hahaha she probly gets that a lot, at least u didn't jizz on her

that's like me telling u to not have an orgasm or not to have your period

lol I second that!!!!! btw I love how ur shirt says pants on the ground!!!!!! lmao

lol, I thot it was ear too, I was soo confused :p

Control your hormones? That doesn't even make sense! Frequently, it's an involuntary reaction.

haha I thought it said ear instead of rear at first too

maybe she'll check that too. LOL

Why would you go the doctors with you parents for a problem like that if your 28 years old?

You're an idiot, just because you're a man doesn't mean you're going to bang her.

Rear fucktard.

How come when a guy have an uncontrollable boner he must have controle his hormones , yet when a woman go all coco while she is on her period or pregnant it's ok ?

hahaha, you deserve it pervv :)

we can't help it when it happens

The perv does deserve it. :P

any straight guy would be a "perve" in that situation by your standerds

blitzen123 ur pretty

By the OP stating his "hard on" was "huge" I fail to see the FML part in this FML unless *his parents were in the room which would be awkward *he was ashamed he failed so hard at controlling his erection...

why is he a perv - it is a natural human male response.

blitzen123 ur really cute

blitzen and sam are very pretty haha

hey I said it first she was pretty first! :)

Seriously.. how many people have to comment 'rear not ear' ?!

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he's a douche because he couldn't contol an uncontrollable function?

yeah seriously. nobody can legitamitly say YDI to this.

how is he a perv or a douche? seriously any straight guy would have had the same reaction there and that includes your boyfriends

and fathers too to yall ladies

So, who's the one who bent over?

Lol 15's right! Random erections (or just erections) are uncontrollable. You cant just tell ur penis to stop! it's uncontrollable

How did she respond? lolz

Jeez, I hope her hands weren't cold.

nice bang the fuck outta her!!

def. a virgin, ferreal.

Not how it works in the real world Blade... Better reconsider what you want to do with your life...

Damn nice biceps... no homo

haven't you seen boobs before.? how old are you like ten

he never said he hadn't seen boobs before. since your name's Devin, I imagine you're a dude unless otherwise. just incase you can't tell, what OP saw is basically one of the many fantasies that normal straight guys wish for. So it has nothing to do with being a virgin or never seeing boobs before

hahaa tyrob...I'm sorry you and the OP can't even get some least have a girl show you her boobs...just because I've done it already doesn't mean you have to be mad at me bitchh....pussy moneyy weed 8) the only things that matter in this fucked up world

oh yah, devins definatly a virgin haha, hes "already done it" makes him sound like he's 12 haha

gkings exactly... and even if u still have "done it" I'm pretty sure you'd still get turned on by huge cleavage...

You realize that you sound like some broke street rapper trying to make it in Detroit (not Eminem)? People actually have dreams in the world, such as curing cancer or colonizing Mars, and yours are vaginas, currency, and cannabis... This is why we need weekly executions for people like you.

did she like it? if she acted wired then fyl but otherwise...

same thing happened to me on a sports physical sucked dick, specially since she was a student at my same school interning

A girl with a penis?

he got a physical from a girl from his school who was interning as a nurse/doctor

You, sir, should receive an award for that accomplishment.