By Puppylove - 26/02/2013 18:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I was at my friend's house, when she commented that her dog's fur kept getting tangled because of its length. I reached over to tickle his tummy, felt a big tangled knot and agreed that he needed a good grooming. Then I realized what I'd grabbed wasn't fur. FML
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iseyixes 18

Your name makes this perverted!

SApprentice 34

I don't think your average groomer wants to help get that kind of knot out.


SApprentice 34

I don't think your average groomer wants to help get that kind of knot out.

perdix 29

#1, you'd be surprised. Your average dog groomer "expresses anal glands" all day, so their tolerance for the disgusting is quite impressive.

SApprentice 34

Oh, I know. My fiancé was a dog groomer for a few years. I thought I was going to die from laughter when I saw the expression on my mother's overweight dachshund's face as he gently gave her a hand back there during one of her grooming sessions. Generally though, it's the vets who handle doggy semen extraction, is it not? Or the pet owners themselves?

So today I totally got blue balled when my masters friend started tugging on my knotty places... FML.

Seems the dog found his bone. ;-)

iseyixes 18

Your name makes this perverted!

What is perverted is relative, in some places bestiality is acceptable ^^

I think it was already in a bad place when she grabbed the dogs genitals....

It really does if you ask me lol

but no one is asking you..

stuner56 22

His hair isn't the only that is long ;)

GuessWhatKids 13

I think you a word.

Ya she definitely a word.

What are talking about?

Guys, I confused.

Was it a red rocket or pink crayon?

^ That's just a guess though.

I know it was a South Park reference and you're probably really disappointed that no one appreciated it.

Bubbelz 25

I appreciated it ;o

Hmm no not really disappointed. And I thought I got it from urban dictionary but now I remember thanks!

Capt_Oblivious 10

Knot the right thing to be grabbing

Dogs have needs too.

perdix 29

Keep "grooming" him for a few more mintues and you'll have a friend for life ;)

Ah yes mans best friend, especially when you groom their knots.

One of my moms friend had one of those smaller, all-crooked-teethed, bulldog-looking dogs. It liked to lie on the floor on his stomach with his legs stretching behind him. Once my mom was scratching his tail with her toes when her friend asked what he was doing. She said: "scratching his tail". Her friend said "he has no tail...". My mom had been scratching his butt hole...

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this story.


Congratulations, you've earned the 'Irrelevant Comment of the Day' award.

Not much. Just an awkward little story this FML reminded me of. Posted it here in hope that anyone would appreciate it.

Unfortunately your story was received by sarcastic asshats. I am among them. Don't take our douchebaggery to heart though. We're just teasing you. :)

Red rocket... Do you watch South Park?

Oh you grabbed a knot alright, just not the fur one

sounds knotty, I'm sorry, I'll show myself out.