By dancincherrychic - 25/10/2015 19:00 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was making sweet potato chips using my new slicer. I didn't mean to make a pinky finger chip as well. FML
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Awww hope you feel better. Assyming you didn't bleed all into them, were the chips good tho? I ******* love sweet potato chips. I may be addicted!!

Surprised this got so many negative comments lol I had already moved most of the chips to a different bowl and cut the rest with a regular knife...I love sweet potato chip as well buttttt idk if they are worth this literal pain ?

Nothing wrong with smoking to relieve anxiety if you can handle it and not be a lazy piece of shit. But I wouldn't suggest smoking after something like cutting off parts of your body, cause if I'm in pain and I get stoned, all I can do it think about the pain and it makes it so much worse. Weed is not the answer to everything, dude.

I have a job and a daughter that doesnt stop me from being a loving and responsible person it just means I am human and id rather kill stress and pain without popping a pill. Enjoy the health benefits of weed just remember if you're a whiny sissy stop complaining

Ha, tell CPS you're a responsible parent who smokes weed, see how that goes.

my daughters alright with her daddy can I hire you to be her teddy bear mr square bear?

Yeah OP, if you're doing well give us ten fingers up. Oh wait...

Hope you feel better soon Op. Careful in the future.

At least you get to eat home made sweet potato chips! Those things are amazing.