By missgayle319 - 15/03/2012 07:53 - United States

 Today, I decided to finally try out the veggie slicer I bought a few months ago to make healthy homemade potato chips. Along with the sliced potatoes, I am now missing about a quarter inch chunk of skin from the side of my hand and quite a bit of blood. At least the chips were good. FML
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I understand you're trying to lose weight, but lopping off a bit of your hand is NOT part of the DocBastard Healthy Weight Loss Plan.


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Did the blood add to the flavor?

This takes potato skins to the next level

6- "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?" Best pick-up line ever.

Ohh the Texan priorities, "ARGGHHHH MY HAND MY HAND MY FINGERS, oooo chips!!" Anyways as the British say OP, I hope you enjoyed the bloody chips! Haha chip(cheap) puns ftw.

74- hahah. I always use the "Something's wrong with my ******, it tastes like skittles" line on my boyfriend. Takes the "I've got candy in my van" line to the next level.

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Well at least you know you can make good potato chips

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One day your kids will say " wow mommy how did you get that scar, did a shark bit you." and you must answer " nah I was making some chips when I thought my finger was potato..." and I wish you good luck

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Speaking as a medic, that's going to take some serious painful time for tissue regrowth. Speaking as a human, owowowholyshitow.

Bloody good chips? That's clever! Get it? 'Cause her finger was bleeding? Not funny? Just me? Okay.

I sick of silting my wrist whenever I want corn chip dip. The accompanying nausea prevents me from enjoying my food.

Well, you could read the instructions first then try it, especially if there are knifvies involved or elictrisity ..

Gosh, where to start here.. I believe you meant 'knives' and 'electricity'

So... She should not read the instructions because i made some spelling mistakes?!

My thought exactly, even more so when it is the first time they used the product

Meme, you can play this one of three ways: 1) Defend your mistakes 2) Explain that English is your third language and wait for people to jump down the Grammar Nazi's throat for being an insensitive ass 3) Learn from your mistake so you don't make it in the future You can also choose options 2 and 3 together. I do this because I care.

They're using a veggie slicer. I don't think you need to use knives..

I was going to day she's from Israel you jerk, but the doc comes outta nowhere! And as for the knives bit, there ARE blades on them so I get where she's coming from!

Being from Israel is not a reason to assume that someone doesn't speak English. ??? ?? ??????, ??????? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???. I was born here, and English is not only my native language, I speak English a little bit better than Hebrew.

Thanks guys for the understanding part, but im not bad at english, im just bad at spelling. @micha, i studied at the Technion (who doesnt knows what is it-google it), i know english so well as it is my first language.. As for spelling- thats my "problem"

What's with the chip on your shoulder?

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These jokes are too easy.. Chip shots, if you will.

You sir fail at being a grammar Nazi. You troll someone else's post for incorrect spelling and you misspelled "you're."

I love how you guys start with 'you sir' & for some reason I always imagine it with a British accent.

Maybe you've found a new way to remove zits. .....That is ******* disgusting I can't believe I'm even posting this.