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Today, we left the cat alone all day for the first time in months, and came back home 11.5 hours later to three enormous puddles of vomit. We then spent $450 at the vet only to find out that our cat is perfectly healthy. He just has separation anxiety. FML
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He’s not perfectly healthy — he has separation anxiety #mentalhealthparity

That's a pretty long time to leave a pet alone, so I'm not surprised he got a little anxious.


That's a pretty long time to leave a pet alone, so I'm not surprised he got a little anxious.

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Usually cats don't care though. My dog was home alone for 12 hours while I was at work and he was fine. But in saying that, all animals would be different so 🤷🏽‍♀️

It's really not, especially for a cat. Cats don't need anyone to let them out for the bathroom, as long as you leave some food and water out they should be fine. OP, cats vomit. Some of them vomit a lot. You can't freak out every time they do, they might just have a hairball or have overeaten.

Get another cat, if you can. It will do wonders .

I second this. Some cats need buddies. Plus it takes a load off you not having to be their only playmate.

He’s not perfectly healthy — he has separation anxiety #mentalhealthparity

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physically healthy. speeratiins anxietu you can work with to make it easier on the animal

Im not surprised your cat reacted negatively. He has been alone in a long time and suddenly he is alone for a long stretch with no warning. If you are going to continue to be gone for long stretches of time, adopt a friend for him. That's what I did being gone between 9 and 6 for work and my cat is much happier.

I have a beagle that has severe separation anxiety. If we leave him alone for more than two hour without letting him outside first for 5 or ten minutes, then we are sure to come home to 2 piles of poop, urine and an overturned trashcan. We've tried thundershirts, music, tv's on, leaving things that smell like us around him while away and nothing seems to work. We've considered medicine but every time we have had to give him a pill, its so much work to get him to take it. If I leave, he whines the whole time I am gone and husband listens with the TV turned up loudly or works outside and has to listen to him howl for someone to come back in. Living with an animal with a mental issue can be so trying, and take years to figure out how to cope with it. Maybe find someone who can catsit while you are gone for long periods.

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Perhaps get a second cat? Cats are actually very social so this might help.

Next time tell him that you're going to leave, approximately when you will return, and tell him to be good while you're gone. ... don't look at me like that, I'm serious.

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My potty trained dog started having a lot of accidents so I took her to the vet and they also suggested separation anxiety. This didn’t make any sense to me because I was not leaving my dog home alone. A few days later I realized the vet was right, my pup had separation anxiety, but not from me, from the vet.