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Today, I locked lips with someone, or rather something, other than family for the first time in my life. It was a CPR dummy. FML
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you lock lips with your family?

So you "locked lips" with family before?


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you lock lips with your family?

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who locks lip with their family?

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he's probably from Arkansas. it's normal there

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Lmfao. That's what I was gonna say! saved me time. thanks haha

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Yeah 15, for us here in Arkansas, it's completely normal. I married my cousin and had a deformed baby just the other day...

I know a friend who kisses her rents smack dab on the lips. it's dissssgusting if you ask me

34, I live in Tennessee and that doesn't happen here... unless it's Summertown or Pulaski...

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I live in Arkansas, and I don't believe I've ever locked lips with my family.

incest is best. if your bot good enough for your own family then who's family would you be good enough for,

yeah that's probably way east tennesse.. crazy hill folk..

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130: Is that B.C Lara with woman and Barack Obama holding the Cricket bat?

I don't think OP meant lock lips with family! He meant just kiss on the cheek. LOL! He seriously miswrote this FML.

He wouldn't kiss a CPR dummy on the cheek

So you "locked lips" with family before?

yay incest! did the mannequin use tongue?

enonymous 8

What I want to know is if it was a female dummy was it the upper or lower lips.

riceicle1 6

Least it can't complain when you take it home ;)

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my rapist-dar is really going off the charts

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Rape-dar seems like a better name for your contraption.

hahaha you funny duck you mean contraction

Lol. How old are you? Seeing as you're learning CPR.

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It could be someone renewing their license... some states require that. I would think they all need to renew it.

It was a serious question. I learned it in 9th grade, so I was wondering if OP was another kid who's bummed that he hasn't had his first kiss yet.

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Yupz here in California we have to renew it every year in order to work around children like daycares n schools...

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There is this little thing called incest, anyone ever hear of it?

Hear of it? Nah, but I tend to practice it. Anyone wanna be my sister for a day?

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Um; your quite repulsive, my dear.

My thanks, my thanks. I have been told, I indeed have been told. Yes, yes.

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I think kaleighiscool would much rather be your momma.

XxMaseratiGurlxX 1

pssh thats it? dummys are too good. ;) if you dont want that dummy ill take it. hahaha

Hey erm this might come off as an odd question but are you really 16? I mean the cars you own and your passion for driving makes you seem older.

XxMaseratiGurlxX 1

yes im 16 :) ive been in love with driving since the age of 11 and im just fortunate enough to have what i have. lol

You've licked locks with your family?!

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I've licked a lot more than locks with my family.

blairebourgeois 2

At least it wont cheat on you for once!

Heather_x0x0 6

and why would you lock lips with your family?

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never on the lips maybe your different was it your mom, dad, uncle, or step dad that kissed you good night?