By Anonymous - 19/02/2012 11:17 - United States

Today, I was on the subway head bobbing to my favorite track when the guy across from me gets up, punches me in the face and says, "Don't nod at my wife like that." FML
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Punch him back. harder. then say "Don't punch me in the face like that"

MrsUresti 8

Omg!!! I hope your ok OP!!! Wth is going on with people nowadays geez!!!!


bettyboop428 24

That sucks. Hope you are ok op.

SuperDerp 8

But he didnt notice the headphones/ earbuds?

Posts like that make me happy I'm as big as I am. I'm not a violent person but I would have knocked that little dick bitch right on his ass

Your favorite "track"? As in on a CD player?

No, as in song on what ever he was listening to. You don't hear people saying "hey, this is my favourite digital download, care to listen?"

MrsUresti 8

Omg!!! I hope your ok OP!!! Wth is going on with people nowadays geez!!!!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's not just nowadays. The guy sounds quite insecure. It's been known to happen when not so good looking men pair up with exceptionally beautiful women, at least by their own standards and perceptions. They never feel like they're good enough for their wife, and are constantly under the impression that every other guy is out to "steal" their woman. Maybe understanding the reason behind his reaction will make you feel a little better, OP. You did not deserve that at all.

^^ that was really long so i didn't read it

This OP thing? I heard it stands for origional poster, but that doesn't make sense?? Lol

MyLifeIsWierd 12

Yes it does the original poster is the one who made the fml

51, that poster's picture is of a weed leaf. Don't try to reason it out.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

He must be high. Deep in thought about alternative meaing for OP. Hey, if you say it enough it it loses its meaning... What is op again?

47 - Of course it makes sense, you are just stupid.

IThinkItsAlright 7

47: origional doesn't make much sense either.

17, I don't see how understanding the mind of a jackass makes anything seem better. It would just tell me the douche is going to repeat the same crap over and over to other unsuspecting victims. But then that's just me...

66 You blonde guy/girl.. Read the comments before yours!

47- no, it stands for obvious poopstain, as said by DocBastard. Which, of course, makes it correct. Am I right?

Original poster is the person who's FML is being commented on by everyone else. Not too hard there really..

Punch him back. harder. then say "Don't punch me in the face like that"

I think he was trying to help you get a feel to the beat.

I'd have gone with "THAT WAS A WOMAN?!"

Haha at 78 but that would make you look like a douche to everyone else

reddudeover 2

*head slam "Don't tap your foot at my wife like that. Some people are just crazy, don't let the restrict your freedom.

Because he totally raped someone, right?

First, wtf is wrong with your picture and two that comment has nothing to do with this and unless nessecery should not be brought up so stfu thanks

Did he think you were like hinting at something sexual? LMAO I don't really understand how nodding can be sexual....0.o lmao. Hope your face gets better! xD

Try closing your eyes next time so it won't look like you're looking at anyone. Some people just get overprotective...

I don't know, personally I would like to see the punch coming.