By embarassedmuch - 30/10/2012 04:05 - United States

Today, I bought a new car, and before I left, the dealer offered to help me set up the sync. I agreed, but I really wish I'd remembered that my Bluetooth name is TitsMcGee. FML
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It's easy enough to laugh it off though, plus it comes in handy for lowering the price even further


It's easy enough to laugh it off though, plus it comes in handy for lowering the price even further

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No, you're both wrong. It's obviously Lithuanian.

Well, I have another from of the name and mine is Irish.

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"5 time Emmy award winning anchor: Ron Burgandy, and co-anchor: **** McGee"

What would motivate you to make that your Bluetooth name in the first place...?

The child inside OP that laughs when people say do do.

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Have you seen what people do with their wifi names?

Exactly. My brother's Xbox name was ComeHonorFace. I don't suggest saying that out loud in public

That's a dumb question to ask, it's from Anchorman. Go watch it. (It's awesome)

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That's a catchy name. Don't trip and don't be embarrassed. I name my wifis either alcoholic drinks or vulgar things. It's normal

I don't know if its normal. I've seen a lot of wifi and Bluetooth and its never been named like that.

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Maybe it's because I live in the barracks with hundreds of infantry Marines and we are all immature and giggle at the funny names when we try to mooch each others Internet

Bet that was a fun explanation to give :P

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I can see him now trying to spell it put slowly so the dealer won't notice. T-i-t-sm-cg-ee

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Ignore this comment , it was for the previous one. Sorry guys.

I shit you not, that's my wifi password!

Well thanks for telling us! Now I suggest You change it!

what you should have said was Now if I ever find out where you live I won't have to ask you for your WiFi code

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Obviously he lives in (not specified)!

On the off chance that 11 ever finds my wifi network, I welcome him to free wifi.

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