By anonymous - 16/09/2011 17:18 - United Kingdom

Today, I had a graded performance in my drama class. I had to play a murderer in an interrogation room. I got really into it and started pounding on the windows to try to "escape". The thin glass smashed. Four hours in casualty, stitches and plastic surgery pretty much sum up my mood. FML
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Well let's look at the bright side, no one will want to mess with the drama kids now.

Well that sucks but did you get a good grade? The teacher must have been like nice fake blood. Oh shit!!!!


War does op mean?

op means original poster

Streeet_hayley 6

Must be new ^

Onion Poop

Onion Poop

I'm sorry op :(

Randuhh_17 4

What would you expect to happen, when you pound on a glass window?...

HowAreYouToday 34

Lol. At least you didn't "brake a leg"

Goosfraba OP… goosfraba…

monkeys1315 0

Hope you got a good grade

34- it's break a leg, not brake

fthislyfe 22

Look at the bright side: You're probably gonna be a bad ass actor/actress in the future.

HowAreYouToday 34

34, sorry. Autocorrect. -.- I am humiliated

Thin glass and you need plastic surgery already? God knows what you were doing, doubt you were only pounding the glass eh?

bury my comment! I want it to be the most downvoted comment ever!!

a_nutritionist 10

the only way you could save that performance is to lick your lips and say "i like it when the red water comes out"...

kelseykaye93 1


HowAreYouToday 34

-.- I get it

34, I think you mean 'break', not 'brake'

HowAreYouToday 34

I said I get it!!! Pudge fingers + touch screen = fails for me!!!

The next person to correct 'brake' needs to be taken out and shot. Read the whole thread! For the love of god...

34 - it's "break", man. I don't mean to put you on the spot or embarrass you but just putting it out there before any of the grammar nazis correct you. :))

HowAreYouToday 34

97, I was corrected 3 times already. and I already admitted my fault. Read the whole freaking thread!!!

34, good try at a joke, it must be that damn autocorrect


#106 - You + people's ignorance and failure to read thread = raging frustration, anger and murder

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

How can u pound enough to break the window and not feel pain while doing it?

25- Note the reference to 'thin' glass..

Well... If you really were a murderer... It seems you would of succeeded on escaping. So good job. You get a gold star *

And the plastic surgery could hide your identity... Of your hand.

Well let's look at the bright side, no one will want to mess with the drama kids now.

Yeah, watch out for that guy!!! He can break thin, fake glass!

True dedication to the club.

I personally find this interesting How many people do you know who are this passionate about what they do?

a_nutritionist 10

@43 passion without intelligence is useless.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

As is intelligence without passion, unfortunately.

Kudos for really getting into character though. If I had an Emmy. I'll give it to you.

Zeek63 0

Op did you escape? I would have! You sure went HAM though! That does suck though I'm sorry

Andr913 13

I think he would receive the Tony, actually.

Maybe, but 5 will never give up her Tony!

Well that sucks but did you get a good grade? The teacher must have been like nice fake blood. Oh shit!!!!

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Well. Try NOT hitting inanimate objects

JurassicHole 5

Ya, start hitting animate objects...they'll react better.

champjb 0

They really do

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salvorican 24

Well you know usually people being interrogated aren't going to like it... Unless your the joker

je_suis_fml 11

10 - kinda like how you didn't think that comment through?!

a_nutritionist 10

@36 you understand that acting doesnt imply directly replicating the actions of the person youre portraying right? there are plenty of sane, normal things to do in that situation that dont involve post production surgery.

Well I believe op was expecting stronger glass.

a_nutritionist 10

most glass isnt made to be pounded on, and more importantly school stage props are never going to be made of high quality material...theyre props.

drama queen lol. hope you feel better soon.

BrianAlarcon 0

Sorry to hear that :(