By okseñoryoucrazy - 02/02/2015 00:43 - United States - Tacoma

Today, I found out that my 2-year-old brother is afraid of his own penis. Whenever he doesn't have a diaper on, he screams, cries and yells, "Ew". FML
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To be fair they are scary, I mean it can make people

colton_colton 49

It's better than him peeing on everything or something


colton_colton 49

It's better than him peeing on everything or something

Would it be embarrassing to admit that I'm still scared of penises and I'm 15 years old?

Said the guy with the phallic picture.

He said penises...... Does he have more than one? I would be ******* scared too.

sound like you just have a tiny dick, it would scare me to

"Phallic"? It's a taco. If anything, it's… something that looks like a penis is phallic, so what's the word for something that looks like a ******?

To be fair, #12's picture looks like a banana if you just glance at it. To answer the above question, ****** translates to sheath or scabbard. So...yeah.

To be fair they are scary, I mean it can make people

Make people...what? The suspense is too great!

Rawrshi 25

Especially after a pregnancy scare!

#60, I believe she was referring to #30 saying "Make people... what?". #3 didn't add a period after "people".

It think he means it makes people. As in the creation of people, but honestly it's only the catalyst, the woman does the real work

Kids really do say the dardnest things cx poor little guy. He'll get over it when he's older...hopefully

Or he can be one of those trans gender kids.. In that case, nope.

That has to the best reaction to a penis ever lmfao

#36 - Totally, I don't know how anybody could disagree, considering this site is 50% a Sex-Gone-Wrong Archive.

Agreed #5. Precisely why I added it to my Favorites.

On the bright side we know he's not gay...

As there's nothing wrong with being gay, that wouldn't be a 'bright side.'

volvagia720 6

Although I hold no particular dislike those who are homosexual, being 100% homosexual is wrong when it comes to natural selection.

ew.. he is definitely gonna use protection when he grows up.. lol, just kidding.. kids r innocent and it's just a phase that will pass.. u will laugh at it when he grows up and that's some memory to have

At least he wont ********** in public toilet

DrChimpNipples 6

Lol yeah... At least he won't do that one thing that, I feel like, most people are courteous enough not to do... Or, maybe I'm part of a select few who don't coat public toilets with my nut milk... Who knows?

42, it's a reference to the next FML.

Maybe he has premonitions of all the money it's going to cost him.