By KWM - 12/02/2009 13:28 - United States

Today, I shook hands with a girl and held onto her hand while telling her she had very tiny, delicate hands. When I let go to look at them, I discovered she only had two fingers. FML
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how could you not tell while holding her hand?!

why do people say he deserves it?


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i agree funniest one ive heard yet

how could you not notice something like that???

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I have to say she couldn't be that mad it isn't make in fun of or anything

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Hello everyone! Actual person with only two fingers on their right hand here. I'm kind for self conscious about it and I hide it a lot and avoid shaking hands, and sometimes people don't notice until months after they have known me! I try to be lighthearted about it however, and I'll often tell curious children that it was a shark bite or a science experiment gone wrong. I've been like this since I was born and I can't imagine life without it. Most days I forget about it and don't even think that I am different from everyone else. But I am unique in that way and I think it's pretty cool so everyone who is saying that it is weird or that they should have noticed before, I hope I helped.

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LAWL that's funny in a I-shouldn't-laugh-but-I-did way. - S.

how could you not tell while holding her hand?!

lol i did that with one of my friends too. she only has 2 fingers on each hand.

this is the stupidest thing ever xD

omg that is freakin hilarious XDDD

get some looser pants.

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FAKE LIAARRR soo not ttrruueee

why do people say he deserves it?

You people are so incosidorate. It is possible to have only two fingers, rare but possible. I feel sorry for both ;however, the OP should have felt it...

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Incosidorate? Really. I think it was more inconsiderate...

She'd be more madder than a two finger person texting if you told her that! lol