By Lonely - Australia
Today, I found out that despite having attended every university party held over the last two years, the only physical contact I have had with a member of the opposite sex is when the security guard stamps my hand. FML
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  maxv_15  |  0

that is why you don't spend every day partying, and you spend some time at the gym/the beach. why go to parties if you have nothing to offer

  plexico  |  3

I wonder if that is a comment on you or the guys you go out with.

I'd said physical contact with the opposite sex is almost as good as food. Actually, some really good physical contact is better than a lot of kinds of food.

  nodbor  |  11

all men.

So OP, go out and buy some lipstick and put it on the edge of your thumb and first finger and make a hand puppet.

alright, alright.