By Volunteer - 13/09/2013 22:24 - United States - Elwood

Today, I got fired from my volunteer job. FML
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joefrazier 20

Well, what did you do to get fired?


If she volunteered as tribute, then its a good thing

rg350dx 29

^ your profile picture is a top contender for weirdest thing on the internet.

\ 28

And on this same day I received a congratulatory letter from my hospital for completing 100 hours of service. Maybe OP wronged me in the past and now "karma" is kicking in. Just sayin'...

WeAreAHurricane 14

The sad thing is this is possible. My best friend volunteered at the library with me and they let her go too.

Spider_Web 11

Maybe they just had a lot of volunteers and had someone more qualified to do it. I don't think it's a bad thing at all

joefrazier 20

Well, what did you do to get fired?

You have to do something really bad to get fired from a volunteer job.

\ 28

#25 - not only that, but some places need you to commit to a volunteer schedule that you will faithfully adhere to. Like at my hospital....

She probably sucks at the job, that's the only reason I can think of.

My guess is that OP spent too much time on the smartphone.

I'm sure if OP explained the reason the YDI votes would shoot up

It doesn't have to be some horrendous thing. For instance, I volunteer at the animal shelter and they can let you go for something as simple as not wearing closed toe shoes since it tells you not to in the contract you have to sign.

blakesinthelake 11

If you were a volunteer firefighter. It may be for the greater good

laughtersplay 14

To get fired from volunteering, you must've done something very wrong

Maybe he just completed what they got him for? But It doesn't matter, he needs to spend that time making money

Little4Bear 10

I agree #6, I think OP's trying to be the victim here. This FML definitely needs more follow up.

I manages to find out that I was cut from the golf team, I hadn't even tried out. As long as you had given it your best, OP

Unfortunately, sometimes an organizer just does not see a person as the right fit for the position they need a volunteer for. However, good on you for trying to help out, I am sure there will be another placement within your community happy to have you volunteer for them.

Need some story behind this :/ otherwise I will assume you deserve it. Usually only guilty people don't tell the whole story to make it sound like they are the victim.

jojobear10 5

haha same! some ppl just dont like u so they tell u to stop coming...believe me its possible

simplyrudy95 3

Same thing happened to me because I didn't lock a door