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Today, I was let go from an unpaid internship. The reasons cited was that I seemed unhappy at work. No, that's just my face. FML
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Sorry to hear OP. My boss threatened to fire me for the very same reason a month ago. When I tried to describe what "Resting Bitch Face" is to him, he accused me of making it up just to confuse him...


Don't worry. Your not the only one with this problem.

This reminded me of a restaurant in where waiters were required to smile while they were serving. If they don't, we get freebies at the expense of their salary. Like what the ****. The smiles they were forcing made me so irritated because they SHOULDN'T ******* DO THAT. SMFH. Other people gave a positive review because "waiters were always smiling". Well they were forced to! What do they expect? I just feel really sorry for those folks and hopefully my feedback would remove their freaking "Smile while you serve" policy.

No one should be forced to smile. Ever. I actually wished i had a rbf. Maybe then people wouldnt come up to me and kiss my baby on the lips (wtf moment).

I'm just waiting for some to say "you deserved it" to be edgy.

Resting bitch face is a terrible thing.

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Exactly. I have RBF too and I had to make an effort to always have a more happy neutral face while working as a server. It felt really unnatural and made me feel so creepy because I could never actually let my face rest. I had a perpetual fake neutral expression, otherwise my boss calls me a bitch. I feel for all of those afflicted.

Is there a way to turn it off and on? I can definitely see situations where it would be helpful but idt its something i want all the time. And i SO wish there was a way to see responses i never can :(

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It's okay my friend, I too have a perma-bitch face.

Sorry to hear OP. My boss threatened to fire me for the very same reason a month ago. When I tried to describe what "Resting Bitch Face" is to him, he accused me of making it up just to confuse him...

ALittleFreak 15

I actually laughed out loud with this. Only because your boss can't be too smart if the first thing they think is you're attempting to confuse them, as if they KNOW it's an easy way out.

Really ? You look like a very happy and pleasant person on your profile xD

#22 resting bitch face only strikes when your face is resting. perfectly capable to smile and look friendly just a neutral expression tends to look angry/mean/upset. (:

He can't fire you for that well he can its just that if you sued him you could potentially win a lot of money

You could still talk to whomever your boss was and explain that to them. Depending on how close you guys were, or if they saw you were a hard worker, they might take you back. However, if you weren't very friendly, or they used that reason as an excuse to get rid of you, then that might not be a possibility. In that case, move on and try to find another job/internship that suits yourself better. Remember: If you can't work doing what you love, find work where you love the people. You don't have to continually be smiling but if you're friendly and work hard, that's all that should matter.

Resting Bitch Face is a serious ailment. I feel your struggle. But sometimes it doesn't hurt to crack a smile. ;)

or an international RBF holiday. one week only will be sufficient. I really don't think I'm asking for much...

I'll bring cupcakes to the fundraiser. If one more person tells me to smile whilst I'm just thinking, I will cry... or punch someone.

or tells you why are you so sad and serious. those people are the ******* antichrist.

#16 Society should just stop putting people under pressure to smile all the time. it involves muscles , it's healthy, OK. But our face needs a rest when we think of what kind of toilet paper we have to buy ;_;

I can make an awesome cheesecake. Cherry is the best.

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