By arther - 03/06/2019 02:05

Today, I got up at 3:15 a.m. to be ready for work at 5 a.m. I get to my work station to find absolutely no work to do. After talking with my boss, I was sent home with no pay. If I'd been employed there 3 weeks longer, I would've been paid for 4 hours. FML
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julfunky 29

That’s the life of a temp, bud. It is what it is.

The U.S. and their poor labour laws...


julfunky 29

That’s the life of a temp, bud. It is what it is.

I am not a temp, just working through my probationary period.

You could always learn some magic tricks.

I'm not sure if this is common procedure in your place but going home because there's nothing to do seems odd to me. Is the likelihood of work coming up throughout the day so slim? Also, I'm wondering if your talking to the boss was a conversation where you casually mentioned you got nothing to do or if you actually went there going "boss, I got nothing to do. can I go home?", which drastically changes the scenario here.

I didn't ask to go home as a matter of fact I told them that I would like to stay and that I really need all the hours I can get.

Wow that's messed up. No way to be paid for the time? I mean you sign a contract for a certain amount of work hours, you should be paid for that time x_x

some jobs have some work coming in throughout the office day! i think you made a mistake.. shouldnt have talked to your boss about being bored!

Never told my boss that I was bored. Just told him that there wasn't any of my normal work and wondered what I was going to do for the day.

Trinity Fenwick 7

is illegal for you to not being paid. they have to pay you for every minute you are at work.

I got paid for the 10 minutes I was there while we tried to find something for me to do.

The U.S. and their poor labour laws...