By Confused - 23/03/2012 15:34 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I was yelled at for smoking at a bus stop, because a woman didn't appreciate me smoking by her children. She did this while waving her own lit cigarette in my face. FML
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I hate hypocrites.

Talk about a hypocrite


I hate hypocrites.

I bet she said something on the lines of, "my smokes are healthier for my children then yours"...

Or maybe "I'm on the verge of quitting..."

You know what else I hate, hate the flyers

"Jimmy I want you to do onto others as you would like things done onto to you. Be a good person. It's the righteous thing to do." 5 min later... "Listen fucker get that cigarette out of my kids faces! Don't make me stick my foot up your ass! *puffs cigarette*" Hypocrite. Hypocrite. Hypocrite. Hypocrite. Hypocrite. Hypocrite. Hypocrite. Hypocrite. Don't worry. Karma will get them back twice as hard.

Whatta fuggin bitch

Just another butt-hurt penguins fan...

If there's an ass to be grabbed, there's a bitch to be stabbed! speaking of which, "honey come here!"

What a nice old hag. Would love to meet her. Curious.. What did you say to her?

They're both idiots for smoking

I'm starting to hate society

yes karma will give her lung cancer

Yes, and i love crack.

What, how beast they are

117 - That's what Whitney Houston said.

Did no one ever stop to think it could've been one of those fake ones that "look and taste like a real cigarette, they even light up and produce smoke, without the release or ingestion of any harmful chemicals!" as the commercial would say

154- those fake cigarettes do not look real. From a distance, maybe, but waving in someones face you could deffinately tell.

27 - unto, not onto

I hate smokers.

Pretty sure I enjoy every comment you post. :)

Bitchy people! That kinda does suck...

Smoking is bad, mmk?

That's right!!

Isn't it obvious, she smokes filtered cigarettes...

2 When I first read ur comment I thought it said "black people! That does kinda suck!" lol

173 Hahahaha... Maybe not... ^^ just sayin'

#173 what. the. fuck.

Talk about a hypocrite

Well, if you're sure... I know this one person, who was the biggest hypocrite. He made himself exempt from any rules, but made everyone else follow them. He was a hypocrite. Was that good, or should I do more?

Please sir. May I have some more?


And that, children, is what we call: a hypocrit

^ And that, children, is how we don't spell: hypocrite.

Nice parenting...

This is why you should consider carring a pocket dictionary: you'd have had something to wave in her face while telling her to look up the definitions of hypocrisy and tact :)

You sir, have an amazing point.

Were you smoking crack?

9 By the sound of this FML the other lady probably was.

LOL. "Crack is wack, crack is cheap." - Whitney Houston. RIP.

Lol! That's what I was wondering! :P

Lol I knew I would get thumbed down for that one, and counting...

36 it's because we are slandering their precious drug.

36 I gave you thumbs up to get you out of the hole. If it was any other crackhead- people wouldn't have cared, but because it's Whitney Houston, everyone's panties are in a bunch.

36, I see you talked your way in going from negative to positive in the thumbs dept. So, why are they hatin' my original comment? I was merely putting forth a scenario where the tobacco-smoking mom could bawl out the OP without being a hypocrite.

67- By that comment, seems like my tactic is growing on you. Haha. 62- Thanks.

Probably was... Stupid!!! Wait to b an example 4 kids!!! Ass wipe!!!

I almost pressed YDI but when I saw that she was smoking aswell. I got mad at her. Hate people like that.

Dangers of smoking people

I always try not to smoke people, it's really bad for their health.

Hold up # 34 you smoke people?

Example #32787531 as to why grammar is important.

45- Was that sarcasm or does your username explain your comment?

I smoke people! It's a lot of money for a pack of people, but I can't quit.

11 likes to smoke the blue veins. ....

I smoke people, I work at a crematorium...

^fYl bro!! why would u work there?!

Because he likes money who are you to judge

Grammar is the difference between "helping your uncle jack off a horse," and "helping your Uncle Jack, off a horse." Your grammar tells me that you help your uncle jack off a horse.

126 - I find it strange that you are teaching grammar, yet you're making numerous mistakes yourself. "Helping your Uncle Jack, off a horse" is incorrect because there's no need for a comma in that phrase. All you need to do is capitalize Uncle Jack to signify who the subject is. You're welcome.

Or would the correct way be "Helping your uncle, Jack, off a horse" Hm...

Actually, he didn't forget the comma, because he capitalized Uncle.

she doesn't want her kids inhaling any tar that didn't pass through her lungs first

Wouldn't that make her the best mom in the world? She's a good one. I'm sure she had a good mom as well... Circle of life.