By Anonymous - 11/02/2013 15:26 - United States - Mansfield

Today, a girl came up to me on the street and said, "You have like no swag, bro." Feeling clever, I said, "At least I have a high school education." She then took out her work ID, showing me that she was a surgeon, flipped me off, then walked away saying, "This is totally going on Facebook." FML
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Apparently 'swag' gets you through medical school..

Jacksparrow72 21

Wow, would you like ice for that burn?


Jacksparrow72 21

Wow, would you like ice for that burn?

Your not supposed o put ice on a third degree burn

klovemachine 24

Actually, I give the win to OP. I'm not impressed with her medical degree. And she is a bitch B-)

Apply cold water to the burn?!

You ****** that up. It's supposed to be cold water.

damn swaggots. #YOLO#LILWAYNE. xD

It's supposed to be Luke warm! Cold can damage the nerves lol ...and yeah... If a surgeon (on or off shift) said that to me.. I don't know how impressed I'd be with them.. Lol

It's not really a burn when you go out of your way to orchestrate it. It's like using a stepladder to perform a slam dunk.

"Swag is for children, class is for men."

I would've read the name and said see you soon *her name* and smile. Just to watch her freak out, if she don't know your name, she won't know what to tell the police. Even if she gave them a description, all us native's look a like according to some people hahah

Sarcasm is a foreign language to some people....

Jacksparrow72 21

Sorry, I didn't know. I'm not a surgeon.

tjv3 10

YDI totally for being judgemental

I would say it's pretty judgemental to insult a complete stranger based on their personal appearance as well.

PoopNuggetLeader 4

35. It could be one of those bullshit degrees.

here_we_go23 0

After she pulled out the I.D. I would have said, "Well apparently, all those years of education sure didn't buy you any class or maturity so you could have fooled me."

omfg_creepers 8

The chances of that ever happening again is like impossible. FYL. Next time you say ot its almost a garuntee its going to work.

Depends, I have a feeling she deliberately did that because she had a good counter to what was an inevitable retort. There might be more of her kind

She seems like the type of person who goes out of their way to pick fights, but only when she knows she will win them. I wouldn't be surprised if she already had the status typed out on facebook, and was just waiting for it to actually happen before she pressed enter.

Am I the only one thinking counterfeit I.D. ?

That's exactly what I thought 206! It could be a fake ID. I hope it was a fake ID. Besides, since he called her a "girl" not a lady or woman, it makes me think she's pretty young.

Not necessarily. A lot of older men use the term "girl" to refer to women around their age and younger, so as to avoid making themselves feel old. XD

masonbain93 9

You do seem to being lacking "Swag".

And you seem to be lacking intelligence

By what logic. The comment was clearly a stab at modern adolescent's retarded sayings. Thus the quotes around the word Swag. For pausing emphasis i assume

Watch the hate flow

Apparently 'swag' gets you through medical school..

ThePsyche 9

Pic + comment = gold.

well maybe she meant Surgeons Win Arguements Gracefully?

I see what you did there... Don't do it again

I bet she just blew her professors with her swag mouth

alexhaz64 4

Is your pic of one of her professors?

Qazx405_fml 2

So does sucking some d

No but F***ing the professor probably did for her

This screams irony

Yeah... The people that are surgeons today. I say that because he must of had a reason to say what he did. Walking down the street, get jumped by surgeons? :P

Lol. In my head I see a surgeon stab a man and see him right back up.

zero4life123 7

B. U. R. N.

1 already covered that. You're too late.

They were posted at the same time, chill out

Baconman345 9

How the **** do idiots like that succeed in life?

free2speak 14

You don't have to be stupid to occasionally indulge in urban humor. I am currently in med school and I love watching Jersey Shore for its idiocy and I've used "swag" in a humorous way... She (the surgeon) could've been doing the same. You don't have to be totally serious 24/7. It's fun to drink and shout obnoxious urban slurs.. It's nice to be a total idiot for a day, while still retaining the ability to go back to being a Neuroanatomy quoting genius the next day...

Humanity has too many safegaurds for them.. Survival of the fittest should kill them..

Yeah but I think there is a difference between being a little stupid to have some fun and being a bitch.

Maybe the ID wasn't even hers?

Mackay92 14

by being better than most?

39- she wasn't being fun. She was being a total ass.

Sure thing. I have a degree and am working on another one, but I like Snooki and JWoww or other silly shows because they're funny. And it's nice to give your brain a break after working hard all day.

iamcoolyo 5

Obviously they're not idiots prick!!!

perdix 29

Looks like she ripped you a new one! Hope she used sufficient anesthesia and sterile instruments -- boo-yah!

Exactly, forget the burn, If she was a real surgeon she knows how to kill someone in several ways pretty quickly. Although I'd think most surgeons have better impulse control, this one's already shown a low understanding Of social protocol, not to mention the whole "swag" can of worms. My point is OP got off lucky, a gangster-surgeon could be a dangerous mixture of stupid and deadly.

It was a trap and you fell for it hard!

I'm guessing when she posts it on facebook, she'll be leaving out the parts where she went out of her way to insult a complete stranger on the street, gave him the finger for trying to defend himself, and how her instant reaction was to brag about it online like a vapid tween girl. Seriously, it sounds like she's overcompensating for something.

LuckBeNimble 19

71: not necessarily overcompensating. I mean sometimes people need/enjoy the validation of their hard work (medicine is surely not a cake walk) however petty it may be. every dog has it's day, nomsayin?

Haha what could she possibly be compensating for? Her high-paying job as a surgeon? Try harder next time

71 - She may be making up for the youth she lost studying medicine and surgery.

Because successful people never have feelings of insecurity, and try to compensate for past unhappiness by making sure everyone knows about their current successes. And if you are successful now, that means you were always were so. Right? Try harder next time. The fact that she wants to make sure everyone knows about how successful and how great she is at dishing out burns to complete strangers strikes me as overcompensating. If I was a surgeon, I sure as hell wouldn't feel the need to insult complete strangers and then trip over myself to brag about it on facebook to feel good about myself.

Wooooooow, im disappointed

I think anyone dishing out burns to complete strangers is overcompensating, regardless of their occupation.

obviousboy 8

The proper response is, "Thanks for the compliment."