By absentmindedmoron - United Kingdom
Today, I was walking whilst texting. I thought I was going in a straight line but I ended up walking right into an open phone booth. A woman was inside making a phone call. I lost my balance, pinning her up against the wall. She thought I was attacking her and clobbered me with the receiver. FML
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By  Moy_fml  |  6

"Today I was in a phonebooth. This guy came in and started groping me and I attacked him with the receiver. He said: "I'm sorry m'am" and walked off. I'm Superman. FML"

  SoreThroat  |  0

Exactly...attention to his phone, not to where he was going....I stopped reading at "walking while texting." Huge YDI right there, amiright? XD

By  _THE_MASTER_  |  0

LOLZ. I said this to the last idiot who posted something about not paying attention to where they were going, and I'll say it to you. This reminds me of the kid in NYC who was walking and texting and failed to notice an open manhole in his path. i can't wait to hear about this happening to you one day. PAY ATTENTION, ASSHOLE.

By  arisaurus  |  0

you deserve shouldve been payin attention to where you were goin,next time ur gonna walk in the streets and get run over.even then,you'd still deserve it.ur really stupid.ydi