By ouch - 20/12/2013 04:41 - United States - Cleveland

Today, I dropped a new 50lb box of tiles. Luckily, none of the tiles broke. I'm assuming this is because my foot cushioned the fall. FML
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Oh god. First fml to make me cringe, iv done this before.

Your foot can heal, thank god you saved the tiles from breaking!


Oh god. First fml to make me cringe, iv done this before.

Normally I wouldn't think a box of tiles would do much harm but fuck 50 pounds? I hope your foot isn't too bad now >.

Think about what tile is. It's usually stone or ceramic, not counting cheap linoleum, even one tile can leave you in pain if you're unlucky enough to be under it.

"I don't normally drop what I hold onto myself, but when I do, I make sure no one was looking". Seriously though I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took a tile to the knee.

*Tile to the foot

I was referencing Skyrim.

I was trying to be funny ;(

Well you all suck at it!

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Ouch, same thing happened to my mother. How's the foot?

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I'm assuming it won't be feeling all too pleasant at the moment.

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How was your mothers foot? There's your answer.

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This also happened to us before. Except it was in a bathroom stall and it was a heavy backpack full of really expensive books.

Your foot can heal, thank god you saved the tiles from breaking!

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Saying this is like it's more appropriate to have more heavy things fall on one's feet than on the floor. Tiles can be bought. A broken foot equates to a doctor's visit and heaven forbid a limb breakage

Oh my this has happened to me before! I hope you went to the hospital and that your okay now. Fast recovery OP

I want to know what happened to your foot! I've done this with a bench before, and while I didn't break anything, the results weren't very pretty. Good luck in recovery OP, be more careful next time! :)

that had to hurt so badly I can't even imagine =[]

Don't push your self man

olpally 32

I've done that before... :/ hope you didn't break your foot!

My friend did this exact same thing with a lighter load of tiles and he smashed three of his little piggies. I'm hoping they didn't land too awkwardly on Op's foot; broken toes/feet aren't a fun at all

Thats gotta hurt , its a good thing you didn't need to buy new tiles also.

just put your best foot forward and move on and tile that floor :)