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Today, I was walking with my girlfriend of a year and a half on the beach. Everything was fine until she saw a plane with a banner behind it saying "Cassie, will you marry me?" She said yes. I didn't order a plane. FML
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ur ****** all thts left is for u to **** her till she finds out tht u never planned on marrying her ps. break up sex is great

well, I'd say someone did all the work for you and you get the reward. unless after a year and a half you aren't planning on marrying her. if that is the case, you should probably leave her since she is wanting more than you are willing to give. plenty of hot chicks in Cali, so I don't feel bad for you at all.

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she could have ordered the plane

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well maybe it's good luck I mean if you really like her itll be okay but if not just tell her she appreciate you telling the truth

LMAO, brilliant! Time to play Sherlock Holmes and see who ordered it... It would be a VERY twisted thing if the OP's gf did it herself.

I agree with 34. she's obviously ready for marriage with you since she said yes...

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Wow I seriously never thought of that, thats genuis. She played you man.

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haha. mine proposed in the best way I could think of. in the hall. at school. during lunch. by his locker. then he opened his locker and gave me a rose with a white gold diamond ring on it. :)

that is the lamest proposal ever. from a locker, WTF? LMAO how romantic

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yeah seriouslyyy who proposes at school?

To many proposal fmls now, still better than the Mcdonalds one lol, on one side be happy someone dropped some dough to do that, you got a free proposal it of it; however, if you don't want to marry her you should have clearly talked to her about your feelings before she felt it was time. So I have to say "don't worry, be happy"or ydi too

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1) take the credit 2) marry her 3) get laid every day infinite sammiches 4) ???? 5) profit!

Haha, I second that she did it herself. There's no way your friends could have timed it that perfectly. It's certain if she picked the location (the beach) and the time.

A fourteen year old engaged girl. I'm sure it will work out.

if she ordered the plane it is both hilarious and brilliant lol. also sucks to be you if thats the case because shes a devious bitch ur screwed lol.

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just because it said proposed in front of the locker doesn't mean they are 14... they could be seniors, I agree it may not be the best place to propose but that doesn't mean it won't work!

rohosoccer08: Her profile, though, states she's 14. I'm assuming that's where people got the age.

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You know there could have been more than 1 Cassies there? And btw she answered yes 'cause she might have thought it was from you.

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... idkweird... sorry I'm just on my phone and can't check profiles didn't notice that, honestly didn't even realize that there were profiles with the age... haha

I figured you hadn't seen it, thats why I let you know :)

@131 duh. He knew that, that was the point of the FML. How dumb are you?

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this sounds slot like the infamous Yankee prankee video on YouTube. 2 guys were having a prank war which had gone on for some time. and so, while one guy was at a yankees game, the other guy had paid the announcers to put a proposal on the bill board at half time. she slapped him and dumped him after he said it wasn't him who put it on.

did you stop to read this aloud before you posted it?

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i agree, really lame proposal

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Lol...*I Slowly walk away* ,"Wasn't me o.o" *Turns and runs*

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haha 2 cassies?!? classic mix up!!!!

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This will be a great story to tell your grandkids :D

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damn you and him are A-list nerds... the only thing left is to get married by chat on the online game you met on! I hope you'll be happy together.

I wonder when people will realize that fmls aren't real

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It's funny how almost no one has realized that there could possibly have been another Cassie on the beach that someone else was proposing to. >_>


oh this sucks either way u loose

lmao maybe she cheated on ya and the other dude wants to marry her xD

I dont know why this has so many dislikes, thats so cute(:

WTF you're only 16 and already engaged. Unplanned pregnancy?

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lmaoooo! ohh I know her feelings going to be hurt :/

who said he was gonna tell her he didnt do it?

Good luck with this one. You will lose one way or the other. =|

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No, it was probably someone else's Cassie. (not sarcasm)

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either that or it was a prank by friends

wooooow nice boo.... I mean...comment...nice coment ;)

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Kellie is fineeeee. and OP- you my friend are an epic fail. man up son.

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even more noww ..( if she wants a kid)

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****. is it too late for me?

perdix 29

Well, LMJ, are you getting fat? If so, get back in shape while you are still young. It's a helluva lot harder when you are old like me. It's possible but much harder.

Damnit perdix, where were your words of wisdom when I was getting hitched!!!

Pshh, sometimes that's not true. There are women who generally love sex. And don't want babies. I'm sick of everyone telling me if I get married I won't want sex as much. Where is that logic? If you love it, you love it. If you love giving oral sex, that shouldn't change because of a ring either. Women really ruin everything for the ones who actually love sex... men think all women stop 'giving it up' after marriage. I've never 'given it up' either... I've always wanted. Sigh. This topic gets me heated. Haha.

wysegirl 24

I'm the same as I was before we hot married. While yes he gained weight after we had kids, HE chose that. That is something he has to decide to change for himself.

Thank you aeliz. That always drives me crazy. Personally, I'm looking forward to using marriage as an excuse to constantly jump my husband.

perdix 29

Aeliz, the problem isn't necessarily that married women don't like sex, it's that they learn to use it as a weapon. I think it is pretty sick that a woman would use sex as a means to control her husband's behavior, but it is a sadly true fact of life. You really should have other ways to resolve the conflicts that are inevitable. My wife is a maniac when she is in the mood, but I have to be a "good boy" to get her in the mood and it is very easy to screw up and lose out. It's not a good way to live:(

wysegirl 24

I'm with Aeliz, I have been married for over a decade to my husband. I have never withheld anything. There are 2 people in the partnership and if people work together there is no reason both can't be happy. My husband is SAHD. I have a full time job and go to college. if I have to come home to needing to cook and clean I am going to be exhausted. There are many issues for after marriage: men stop helping their wife women feel less desired and more like an object life gets in the way the biggest one kids ruin the mood. People forget that it is a partnership and it is a 2 way street. If you don't work together it with crash and burn.

That is pretty ridiculous too, perdix. I don't think all women are like that. I would never do that. My boyfriend and I are pretty much married, live together, joint bank accounts, pets, the whole shpeal. Haha. I would never use sex as a weapon because first of all, I'd feel guilty doing that to someone I love, second of all because it would probably backfire, lol. I don't know, I don't think he'd ever give me a reason to have to use it as a weapon anyway. I think it's just my personality. Even if he has done something 'bad,' I still want to. I guess some women just need to know they have power over their men in some way. If only they knew they were really ruining their relationships. Sex should be fun, not leverage. I never expect anything in return for sex, I don't know. I am sorry that your wife does that, though. I think that's pretty vindictive.

I'm going to listen to the one who's actually married, no offense hot sex loving chicks

perdix 29

Thanks, aeliz, why do you think I "live" at ;) I tried to be clear that I didn't think all women use sex as a weapon, but maybe I failed at that. But enough of them do, so the practice in not uncommon. Also, you are right about how that can backfire.

96 Big Win! We need more women just like you

Perdix, women absolutely DO use it as a weapon. I think I tried that once or twice when I was younger (like 19?) and my bf at the time (who was a virgin before I got to him) would respond with, "Ok. I went 19 years without it, I can go another 19." I gave up at that point. Even then, though, it was more of a joke than really being serious. I always seem to get paired up with the guys who don't love sex as much as me. IDGI. Also, I've had it used against ME by guys. For example: "Gosh! We don't have to do stuff EVERY TIME we're together!" or "I feel like you just expect me to be ready, and I don't like being pushed." The worst was with my ex-fiance, when he felt like teaching me a lesson (like he wanted me to go to the gym more times in a week) he would stop having sex with me, until I would finally ask about it, and then he'd say, "I'm just not attracted to you right now." I guess that last one was supposed to be motivation to work out more, lol. I think it sometimes takes a woman who has been on the other side to know that sex should never be used as a weapon. I just don't get the point of it. All it does is diminish the fun. Also, I suck at self-deprivation, so I don't think I will ever understand depriving myself to make some kind of point, lol. People who use sex as a weapon are jerks. I don't like it!

I agree! my ex left me after 17 yrs we had great sex two awesome kids for pooty tang

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wow. being married for 11 years and gettting some damn near every day (cept when he deploys) I'd have to say that some of y'allz life is totally ****** lol. just cause some women are cruel to withhold doesn't mean we all are.

are you making up your own words now? go to school assclown.

I don't believe the word assclown is in the dictionary, hypocrit.

what?are u talking to me?(not trying to be funny)what word I made up?

lol. I loves me some grammar wars *trolls*

Ever consider maybe English isn't #8's first language?

This would have been even worse if you were going to break up with her. FYL.

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Hahaha, that'd be the worst!! But oh so funny...

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sounds like that collegehumor prank with streeter and amir! i wonder if he admitted it wasn't intentional...