By Sariitaa_fml - 18/11/2017 19:00

Today, I was in the romantic section of a book store making fun of the titles. Thinking my friend was behind me, I read in a sexy voice, “Sleeping with a Stranger” and turned to laugh only to find the 70-year-old store manager smiling and winking at me. FML
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manb91uk 22

Well, everybody loves Stranger Things you know...

And if he knew how to work that catheter, things could go to a whole different level of stranger ;)

Notmymonkeysnotmycircus 16

There is actually a company all about that! It’s about hiring a person to come over and sleep next to you and cuddle and stuff. So it literally is just as the title of the book suggests sleeping with strangers.

TJ Maurice McCovery 10

It was just a wink ffs. Little girls think this shit is nasty but as soon as they get old they start flirting with young men too! -_-

I'd like to say 'you deserved it' but I can quite easily see myself in that situation.

Lobby_Bee 17

Are you sure it's a wink? Could be a twitch.

TeachAllTheMath 19

Another reason to avoid the romance section of bookstores altogether.