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Today, I was reading a book in public. Some bastard stranger came over and started spoiling the plot for me. FML
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You would be proving the saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" incorrect.

Actually... I'm pretty sure they would be proving the phrase "ruin my book and I'll beat your ass with it"

Stranger: "Snape kills Dumbledore." OP: FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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Primrose dies in the last Hunger Games book

@82: WHY!? I haven't gotten there yet!!!

89 - I almost hate to say it, but what else did you expect from an FML about book spoilers? Naturally, the trolls are crawling all over this one...

The proper response... That reminds me of the story of the rude and inconsiderate stranger that had a death wish. Do you want to know how I killed him?

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Why? Because your still not done with them she gets blown up. Twice.

82- I am going to hunt you down and ******* kill you for saying that. You better start running....

@82: Wow, thanks, I'm only half way through Catching Fire.

If it was 50 Shades if Grey, don't worry. No one would be angry.

I trolled people at a McDonalds once ad people were walking in and out of the door.. I'm never allowed to go back there again :(

Just walk 10 feet to the next McDonalds.

@55: That's too far for McDonald's customers to walk.

"why all these people always interruptin ME? WHAT I GOTTA DO TO TRY TO MAKE THEM SEE?!?"

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Right next to that place in hell where people ***** the Caps Lock button.

I guess Crackle and Pop are going to take out Harry themselves.

Aww damn autocorrect changed Snape to snaps. I'm ashamed of myself.

I think a book about cereal (HA) killers is cooler anyway.

Who could've known a game of exploding snaps could go so wrong.

Lol 45, go on YouTube and search "duck face song".. You sadly belong to this group of Un-photogenic people

107: why don't you go ahead and read my profile description and realize that my picture is incredibly sarcastic before you speak to me? Thanks.

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15 down votes for an incomplete thought. What have these teens done

If you're reading Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray, well, there wasn't much of a plot to begin with.

If OP would be reading either of those books the FML would read "I just read Twilight or Fifty Shades of Gray FML".

Even worse: I just read twilight AND 50 shades of gray. FML

That's when the moment you notice what he's saying you either walk away, plug your ears, tell him off, or hit him with the book. At least he would have spoiled less if you had done something. But when someone ruins the plot of something....that is one of the worst things in my opinion. Imagine sitting in class and someone behind you starts talking about Dexter and spoilers the entire 6th season for you and you can't do anything since you're stuck there. That happened to me- so I know the feeling. And commenters, the HP series was spoiled for me with the telling of Snape and Dumbledore, I know the pain! The horrid, horrid, pain.

And when was that ruined for you? The last book has been out for like over 5 years hasn't it?

I read it in 2008. It was released in July of 2007. And your point exactly? Can't really be one considering the movie wasn't out so all of us read the book, well, any of us with any real Harry Potter fandom. I was borrowing my friends copy and she happened to decide to spoil it for me in the midst of reading it.

#31 - I never think there's a good reason to spoil anything. I used to read books 2-4 hours a day before high school, and now I don't have time for it. It's really not that tough to ask "Oh, did you read/see that?" If the person says no, shut up! #26 - That really sucks. It took a while before I could get my hands on the book myself - I was almost staying off the internet. Everytime someone was about to reveal something, I put my hands over my ears! :P

I said that because 4s comment was about snape killin dumbledore and you mentioned "commenters." Wasn't sure if that was ruined just now with that comment. And as you said yourself, real fans of HP knew ages ago. Basically, it came down to "are we epected to never talk about any book ever written because someone may or may not have read it"

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Oh. My. Gersh. I was just about to post a comment like this, but decided to scroll down first. :-D

I would definitely be pissed if someone did that to me. Punch them in the face.

13 - I was joking. Obviously punching someone for spoiling a book is not a good reason at all. This is the second comment of mine you've comment on by the way. Are you stalking me?

Damn! Maybe someday I'll be so lucky. ):

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Haha, two cats meowing at each other... How cute! Haha :D

Maybe it's a Walking Dead plot spoiler? If so, then the issue will feature zombies getting shot and people getting bitten. I've ruined it for everyone now.

Actually, while I was still watching season 2, some dick told me which person who was currently big in the plot gets taken out. I was so livid, I looked up spoilers for his beloved firefly series he was watching. We don't talk anymore.

Season 1&2 were amazing! But so far, I'm very disappointed with season 3 and what it's come to now. I'll watch a few more episodes and cross my fingers that it'll start to get better.

I'm going to watch episode 4 today. I was on funnyjunk and some stupid thumbwhore posted a picture with the two most important things happening in that episode - grrr! :(

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How can you be disappointed with season three? It's my favorite one! I love that Rick is taking charge. Just watched my recording of episode four, and blew my shit. Rest in peace, two members of the team :( Though I don't like Angela. She flirts with anything that has two legs and a penis. Merle of all people!


59-Rick won't have charge for very long because *SPOILER ALERT!!!* TURN BACK NOW IF YOU DIDN'T SEE LAST NIGHTS EPSISODE!! ********He******* *Will**Be**** *Mourning****Lori*****

It's dragging on very slowly with nothing but gore after gore scenes. I rather more drama then watching zombies getting their heads sliced in two-- for what seems to be most of the show lately. But maybe that's what the people were asking for. . . more killings.

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But Walking Dead is a TV show, not a book.

66- It's actually a tv show based off of a graphic novel.


62- They did drama last season, and all anyone could do was bitch and moan about how there wasn't enough gore or killings. So thank your fellow fans for THAT development. I personally liked the season 2 formula better than this.

I really dislike that they brought a baby into the series, I can only see that ending VERY badly. And not just for lack of a milking breast. I was rooting for it to be a zombie-baby hybrid.

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The wording made me lol! Sorry, OP... Ruin their dental work?

I absolutely hate when people ruin the plot of something I'm trying to read or watch, whether they be a friend or stranger. FYL, OP.