By nokitchenforme - 03/12/2010 05:18 - Canada

Today, I overheard my mother telling a friend she got me oven mitts for Christmas. I got her two cruise tickets. I hate to cook. Which she knows. FML
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Get her a cheap gift, and go on the cruise yourself. But first be sure to return the oven mitts she gives you for some tip money on the cruise. Then send her photos of your nice, relaxing vacation.

Wow. Return the tickets and get her a shitty gift too!


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there is only 1 solution, kill her.

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ya killing her would probably do the trick

Surely you would know your mother well enough to know she wouldn't get you something good?

She does know her well enough. And don't call me Shirley

Bro, why am I being shot for saying something funny? I know he just died but that was a good time for the line

Wow. Return the tickets and get her a shitty gift too!

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You buy her an apron and save the tickets for yourself. No point in wasting good tickets on bitches.

nah i think she should just use those tickets and buy the mom a shitty gift

return the tickets and get her oven mitts too.

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I think it's alright. Women need to learn how to cook anyways.

No, keep the tickets, get her a knockoff gift, and have a great time on your cruise.

Oh wait wait, could it be Santa watching you evadropping and saw you as a naughty girl. So santa felt the need to convince your mom to buy crappy gift, close as the coals!

Get her a cheap gift, and go on the cruise yourself. But first be sure to return the oven mitts she gives you for some tip money on the cruise. Then send her photos of your nice, relaxing vacation.

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I too agree with #8. Get her a cheap gift, go on the cruise yourself, and enjoy

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Yeaaah there's nothing better than revenge 

"return the cruise tickets and get her something cheap" Oh god, Christmas has been commercialised.. I remember when it was about the giving of gift's, not expecting to recieve a gift of the same price proportion.

and why return the tickets?? just buy a lesser priced gift and go on the cruise yourself

Oh quit it, Kio. Don't even act like you'd be as happy as a puppy with two peters if you were in OP's exact position. You'd be a little pissed too. "Oh my GOD! Oven mitts!? How did you know!? And all I got you were those crappy cruise tickets. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?"

Kio, "when Christmas was about gift-giving"? You really have no idea what Christmas is about, do you?

kio - I doubt it has anything to do with the price. fact is, op won't even use that gift and their mom KNOWS it isn't useful to them. had it been a cheap gift that op would actually use it probably wouldn't be such a big deal.

This is why I never buy nice things for people other than myself!~ Sure, my boys bitch and moan about it, but that's their problem!~

I love the way you think. Truthfully, quality oven mitts can be a great gift, not to mention useful, even if you hate cooking.

True as that may be, I would still prefer a lovely cruise for myself while the boys stay home and do some work around the hideaway for a change.

Hopefully, when they get older, they can overlook the price or type of gift and look at the thought put behind it. Take yourself on a cruise when you get the chance.

Fuhohohoho!~ No matter how old my boys get, they never learn. Trust me. Clueless entirely.

That's disappointing. I think there's an episode of Malcolm in the Middle they need to see, where the three boys decide instead of pooling the money their mother gave them to buy her birthday present, they got cheap gifts and spent the rest on candy for themselves. It ends happy, but it had a good lesson.

Redbluegreen, has a good point with the Malcolm in middle. It shows a lot lessons, ideals, debating, comedy yet that comes with a good understandable comedy. Perhaps your boys needs a visual view from someone else than you, (no offense). "If your lessons doesn't work, use something else."

Honey, if I allow another working television to be around the boys, I won't see them for days at a time. They'll learn nothing and just stare at it for hours, no matter what's on. The last time we had a television, they were standing there like mindless zombies while an infomercial was on.

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I beg your pardon!? Oh! Oh no no no. My boys are not 'my' boys! They simply work for me! They're not my sons. I'm only a few years older than them. Physically, that is...I swear those two have the brains of an infant sometimes.

It's oh-so obvious you darlings know absolutely nothing about me.

Use the tickets for you're self and get her a mop

What did you think she was going to get you? Better yet, what could she give that you would think was worthy of your gift? Unless you are extremely tacky, people don't usually know how much you've spent on their presents until they see them. Don't expect them to reciprocate in kind. Give for the joy of giving and not as a sort of bribe.

"Whose doesn't takes gift as a joy ways. Could be highly considered as a spoiled brat".