By wetbutt - 06/03/2009 17:49 - United States

Today, I yelled at my little brother for leaving the toilet seat up and told him he needed to go around the house and make sure they were all down. I went to the bathroom later to find that the toilet seats and covers from every toilet had all been removed and were sitting on my bed. FML
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wolfking 0

why is it that girls are always so adamant about leaving the seat down? do guys yell at girls if the seat is down, and we have to use the very small amount of effort needed to lift the seat? cause that's pretty much the same thing



is it that difficult to be considerate of women? it's good social manners n if ya ask me the entire lid could be closed at all times never mind leaving the entire seat up :p

he knows what's he doing... I like it.

@169, about 75% of the time, the seat needs to be down. 50= lady pee and poo, and 25= man poop. So why keep it up for 25%?

cuttybuddy 0

this could have been totally avoided if you weren't such a bitch.

wolfking 0

why is it that girls are always so adamant about leaving the seat down? do guys yell at girls if the seat is down, and we have to use the very small amount of effort needed to lift the seat? cause that's pretty much the same thing

it takes much less effort to lower the seat then to lift it. one word. gravity. when you life it up your fighting gravity. to lower it you just barely tap it and the thing will just fly downwards man.

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Chocolate_Chunk 2

then you have to be pretty ******* stupid. open your eyes once in a while, it helps.

KataraTheBender 0

So because you're to lazy to check before you sit down, it becomes a standard?

I have never ever fallen into the toilet with the seat up. I do this crazy thing where I look before I put my ass on something

When you have walked in to pee while you're half asleep and fallen in then you will know why women insist on the seat being down.

JustALesbian 16

But it makes that loud ass sound

For me personally I hate the lid being up when the toilet is flushed so I have to go to the same level of effort as my boyfriend by lifting the lid and shutting it every time.

What is it with women and toilet seats? For crying out loud, learn to put it down the same way that every male in the universe has to learn to put it up and stop griping about it. There was actually a study done where the researchers ran simulations and the total amount of work that is necessary is significantly lower if everyone just puts the seat the way they need it and leaves it alone afterward.

yeah! Like wtf luckily no one ever complains to me because I put BOTH DOWN when i'm done. Sometimes my dad will leave it up so what do I do? I analyze the situation for 1 second, then put it down.

Can men grow up as a man I just go sitting 99% of the time one because I Have had seizures etc. to because that way if you need to go number two you can just go number two men don't stand when they go number two so why can't they just grow up and go number one sitting it's more sanitary as long as the toilets are cleaned regularly toilet seat toilet seat covers z

They needed to do research to prove that a three-second task consumes less work than ten minutes complaining about it? :p

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guestxxx 0

I'm a female and I personally think it depends on the dominant gender in the house. If it's mostly female, put the seat back down. If it's mostly male, put it back up...haven't figured out the perfect way if there's an equal number of men and women yet.

1.Women are,generally speaking, nice enough to leave the light off when going in the middle of the night not to disturb the man. Going bare ass into the toilet is not something women appreciate. After a shocking scream, the man is awake. 2. It takes women longer to pee. Not only do the pants have to come off, but we have to squat and use toilet paper, etc. We have a lot more steps. So why not even it out! 3. I hate having to touch pee splatters when they aren't mine. 4. Just do it so we will stop bitching! :)

nope, youll simply find other reasons to bitch.

jackal181 7

Don't be lazy and look first.... If you are so concerned with a light waking someone up (never has woken me up) then shut the door AND THEN turn on the light. Seems like a no brainer to me, you have no reason to bitch

KrazyKatz3 26

I agree with your point but I don't think you should call us a lesser sex... If the toilet bothers you that much you could talk to whoever you're with and agree that you both change the positions or whatever.

From the point of view of someone with a cat who likes to drink out of the toilet - it's not about putting the seat down for me, it's about CLOSING THE LID COMPLETELY. I always do.

lol32360 0

I thought you were drinking from the toilet first time i read it

joeyl2008 29

Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?

#3: Because we have to touch it to bring it down? I dunno, I'm a woman who doesn't care a lot about it.

yeah, well, If you are so worried about getting germs, normal bathrooms with running water are equipped with a sink.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

and men don't have to touch it to lift it up? Cool, diddn't know we had magic powers.

If you live in a house with a man, learn to look behind you before you sit down. Don't be mean about it, just ask nicely.

So you walk into the bathroom backwards? I personally turn around after assessing the seat situation...

Wow, way to go FML users. Now this'll become a flame thread about why women suck and men don't put the seat down. Congratulations, #5, you win an award made of 100% toilet seat (forgive my stupid humour, I'm a woman :bb). #4: Wow, that's hilarious! It's such a prickly issue they have to drive research about it? Interesting findings! Hey, I found the solutions, what about toilets with NO TOILET SEATS, like in The Silence of the Lambs? Everybody'll be happy, careless men and bitchy women alike!

jason2468 0

I know I mean just have the toilet bowl rim curve inwards without and crevise to lift!

Touche on his part. That was quite clever of him, regardless of whether or not you deserved it.