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Today, I told my parents I don't really like children and probably won't have any in the future. They sat me down and gave me a lecture on how people who hate kids are heartless. FML
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Which is worse? Realizing you don't like children and having them anyway to please someone and end up resenting the kid(s) or to just not have kids and disappoint your parents? I'm pretty sure it's the first one.

You and your partners decision, not theirs.


You and your partners decision, not theirs.

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its a selfish decision to say you don't want kids... I can only imagine if your parents too hated kids and poisoned you as a deft won't be here...

UhHuhHoney 20

how in the world is it selfish to not want kids?

20 "if your parents hated kids and poisoned you as a baby" Holy comprehension leap Batman! OP said they probably won't have kids not that if they had kids they'd kill them! Also please explain how it's selfish to not want kids? Seriously I'm trying to connect those dots.

20, my husband and may not have kids, this funny thing where we are drowning in student loan debt, don't make tons of money and work extremely long hours. Every one has different circumstances and reasons for their decisions in life, although I'm glad you apparently have the means to easily have a family.

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Selfish? It's selfish to force your kneejerk "everyone needs to want kids" complex down other peoples' throats.

It's more selfish to have kids you don't want. -Childfree on purpose

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It's pretty damn selfish when you have kids that you don't want and end up not being able to support them. Not everyone wants kids. I'm only 15 and I don't really want kids in the future. It's a personal choice.

20. what's selfish is having kids knowing you don't want them. imagine growing up with parents that didn't really want you. they aren't going to magically love children once they have one. think before you speak

It's not selfish it's a choice everyone has the right to. It is however EXTREMLY selfish when people try to force their own beliefs onto others. You want kids? FINE! Have them! But don't think you should make that decision for others.

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20- As the daughter of a man who knew he didn't want kids but couldn't be bothered to wear a ******* condom, nothing good comes from having kids that you don't want. The very few times I had any contact with him, he didn't even try to hide his resentment and was often verbally abusive. He has another daughter that I now have custody of. Her mom died in a car accident when she was about a year old. I immediately filed for custody of her because I didn't want her anywhere near him. He never even showed up for the custody hearing. He isn't a part of her life at all, which is better for her in the long run, but she has reached an age where she knows other kids have dads that are a part of their lives and has started asking questions. It's absolutely heart breaking to have a 5 year old asking what is wrong with her and why her dad won't come see her and why he hates her. So no, it's not selfish to not want or have kids. What is selfish is you saying everyone should have kids even if they don't want them. It's their body and their life, therefore it's their choice. Someone deciding that they don't want kids doesn't affect your life in the slightest. You don't have to agree with a person's choice to not have kids, but you have no right to call them selfish and make them feel guilty for making that choice.

It's up to you and your partner. If you don't feel comfortable around them, it's fine.

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Which is worse? Realizing you don't like children and having them anyway to please someone and end up resenting the kid(s) or to just not have kids and disappoint your parents? I'm pretty sure it's the first one.

Chances are, the parents would be disappointed in either case, seeing as no one enjoys seeing parents that dont enjoy being parents.

Probably. I would much rather disappoint my parents--and I do by not having kids yet, by the way--than to have a child I don't want.

Right? Every time I mention how I do not want kids, people just disregard it like "oh you're young, you'll change your mind later." Or they give me this concerning look followed by a big "WHY?" Ugh... Like, no. I have thought about it. Intensely. I still don't want them.

It's ok, I've been hearing it my whole life. I'm nearing 30's doorstep and still gladly have none. :D My mother has another daughter who gave her grandchildren and my dad is satisfied with having furgrandbabies.

56, I'm IN my thirties and only just found a doctor, two hours away from me, who is willing to sterilize me. This whole idea that everyone wants children, especially women who say they don't, needs to die already.

This... i hate them so much.... Yes. i'm young but. That im young doesnt change the fact that babies are ugly shit machines that drain your money like ceazy and that toddlers will destroy your life and annoy you to death. Ill do anything to be genderless.

Besides, not liking kids doesn't necessarily mean you /hate/ them, which is what OP's parents seems to have implied.

Having no heart > changing diapers, dumping your income, responsibility Just do you OP I feel the same way

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If they only had a kid because they want grandkids then they did it for shitty reasons.

#7 dude you struck out twice with two shitty comments on two back to back FMLs. Well done.

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#13 they probably had there child cause of liquor

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that's not their decision to make

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People who tell their children how to live their lives sound more heartless to me.

You never know your opinion might change over time, don't let anyone guilt trip you into something you don't want to do.

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Because parents who hate or abuse their kids don't exist right?

All those happy emotions of having your own child does not come for everyone. Don't tell people that they will feel a certain way when they could end up feeling complete opposite.

you're just yet another one of the bajillion condescending people who feel the need to tell people who don't want kids why do/should/will/might want kids

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I have met many well behaved, respectful, well mannered children, and I've also met MANY rowdy, ill mannered children. Despite seeing both sides, and the joy children bring to many parents, I don't want kids of my own. I haven't liked babies since I was around 7 years old, still don't like them at 17, and I don't expect my views to change by the time I'm 27, not even if they're my own.