Drunk mom

By trailertrashyanditsucks - 26/07/2013 19:55 - United States - Porter

Today, I heard my mom sobbing in the bathroom. Concerned, I went in to see what was wrong. I found her sitting on the toilet, pants down and a cigarette between her fingers. When I asked what was going on, she looked up at me and slurred that we'd run out of "shit-wipes." FML
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Trailer life, I suppose.

I also start crying and smoking cigarettes when I run out of TP.


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Trailer life, I suppose.

And they just upgraded from an outhouse too.

that's really rude. poor doesn't equal drunk.

Sounds like a "shitty" situation to be in

Overused and not even worth posting anymore.

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LORD HAVE MERCY, not this again

It's not like Texas is in America

#13-You're an idiot. It is Tejas...pronounced"Tehaaaas" Trust me I'm a Tejan.

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When will Sandy come back, #38?

I also start crying and smoking cigarettes when I run out of TP.

Yes I always make sure there are smokes in my bathroom but never look for tp before sitting down. Priorities.

Nobody likes to run out of "shit wipes"

Never in a hundred years will anyone remember to put a new roll on.

Well that sucks I'd cry too if I didnt have any shit wipes :'(

For your sake... Get her some "shit wipes" asap! lol

Don't ask the question if you cannot handle the answer...

Can't tell if she means baby wipes or toilet paper... A bit fuzzy

Does it really matter? Either would have gotten the job done.

Sometimes you have to wipe with the hand.

I do hope you wash your hands with antibacterial soap and the recommended 20 seconds... yeesh :/