By embareassed - United States
Today, I was riding my dorm elevator from the 5th floor to the 1st by myself. Since the elevator is really slow, I pulled my pants and underwear down just for kicks. Just then, the door opened to let a girl on at the 4th floor. FML
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  White667  |  0

He was caught with his pants down.

And it's a dorm elevator, so likely cameras on the outside to avoid security having to sit through a ridiculous amounts of kids making out on the way to their rooms.


Depends on the school. I know my college has cameras inside the dorm elevators cause apparently it was a cool thing to pee in the corner of the elevator while drunk idk...people are crazy

  nb1234  |  8

Maybe op was trying to pee in the corner... That would explain why his pants were down. But no matter what the reason, op you definitely deserve it!

  xmagster  |  0

obviously, just for kicks....

I don't know about... the rest of the world, but never have I EVER had the urge to pull down my pants in an elevator just for fun. I wonder what I've been missing out on that makes this so appealing?


  Pinguini26  |  6

No. Just no. I am so sick of these fake FMLs. NO ONE in their right mind would do this. If you don't have an FML to post, don't post shit like this just to get attention. I don't care if this post gets -100 thumbs, just stop all of the whining for attention.

  darthtrey  |  0

What do you mean it's not normal? He's in college. If I had a dollar for every thoughtless college kid, I'd make a movie about them just to prove it isn't as abnormal as you think it is.

By  emsrobot  |  16

wtf hahhaahaah weirdo.

By  Idontgivedamn  |  0

YDI, you total creepo, I hope there were cameras and you get kicked out of your dorm for it.
Today as I was getting on the elevator at my dorm there was a kid with his pants and underwear around his knees, FML.