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Today, I saw a small bug on the wall, so I decided to send it straight to the insect afterlife by smashing it with a book. The book crushed it, and caused my clock to come free from the wall and crash down onto my TV. FML
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DarkDaedalus009 8

The clock got bored of being on the wall


Y'know.. They make flyswatters for a reason

Book, they make destructive (but efficient) fly swatters.

I wouldn't call it karma unless it's one of those bugs that benefits the world (bees, butterfly etc).

If a bug is part of an ecosystem, it is beneficial. Just because it might not be helpful to humans directly, doesn't mean it doesn't have some other role.

No op was saying that she was trying to swat the fly and she got it and she killed it and then something bad happened to her because she did something bad something bad happened to her. That's why its karma it has nothing to do with the fly, just with op

Aw bad luck, next time just squish the bug with a napkin

I thought he was going to say it made a hole in the wall but a broken tv serves just as well.

Dear god 28, your comment kills the mind.


#28 1st of all, in no way did OP mention that the bug was a fly. 2nd of all, OP knocked his/her clock down with the book. Your argument is invalid.

28: Oh for the love of all that is holly! Please, and I can't stress this enough, please use commas!

gmc_blossom 21

28- Because **** punctuation, that's why.

Marcella1016 31

I agree with everyone on the bug's side. Today, I found a fruit fly in my full glass of wine. I was pissed, as I'd been looking forward to drinking it. Ready to toss it down the drain and pour myself a new glass, I noticed the bug was still alive, swimming around, trying to get out. As I fished the thing out to let it outside, my roommate cut her eyes at me and told me how I was "so ******* annoying." Call me a bleeding heart, but at the end of the day I feel better about myself, and I guess I'll get the last laugh in the next life when some bug decides to spare my life lol

Apparently karma lives bugs and dislikes OP.

yup karma probably loves bugs and hates TV's :p

Or it could have been the amount of force hitting the wall causing the clock to fall. Karma is a bitch though.

CountDuk 5

Except now instead of a female dog it's a female bug.

The soul of the bug sent a message. :P

Karma loves doing instant revenge for things that are to small to defend themselves :)

cheshireau 26

Definitely! Because it's just too hard to move the bug outside with a piece of paper.

gmc_blossom 21

Maybe if we stopped calling Karma a bitch, it would stop being so mean to us.

Petepoop 6

Now you can catch up on your reading!

Trix_Disorder 20

I'd call this overkill/clumsiness... Not karma. Karma does not exist.

HairyPunisher 27

120, Some of us believe in karma. Why you being a wet blanket? :-P

Trix_Disorder 20

We've discussed it on previous FMLs. It's silly to blame something like this on karma.

DarkDaedalus009 8

The clock got bored of being on the wall

Or the wall got tired of holding the clock.

SenselessPattern 12
DrAtomic 0

So it decided to get hot with the TV? Sounds legit.

I am bored while reading this FML. Sorry about your turtle. :(

How hard you need to hit with a book on a tiny bug? You could just squish it witj tissue, but i guess you must really hate that bug to sacrifice your TV.

That much force could only be justified if it's a spider.

Hey when it comes to any task, always go big or go home.

SenselessPattern 12

In this case, she was home so I don't understand why she had to go big too. Some people just have to have it all.

If its go big or go home pull out a shotgun on that gnat!

Then she should've done it right and whipped out a pistol

At least it didn't come crashing down onto your head.

I rather have the clock fall on my head.

At least the force of the book didn't destabilize the foundation of your house, causing the entire thing to cave in on you, OP. You got off easy.

loserboii 11

OP's head is worth less than the television .

45- that happened to my cousin the other day. Lucky to be alive.

Hi k. notice all I put was k so don't.get mad cuz Its not like i put your real name or or anything :) k bye

gmc_blossom 21

Karma it is! Maybe next time you should just take the bug outside, you'll be saving insects and televisions.

Maybe the bug was an atheist, so it welcomed death and it's possible adventures....and decided to bring your tv along for the ride. :D

Marcella1016 31

Moved comment, realized it belongs somewhere else. - Nothing to see here, move along... -

Ins0mau 20

66 - Atheists get to go on afterlife adventures now?

Yes we do. It's called, 'seeing if you were right or not'.

I hate those little bugs bc today I made a cake and a bug landed in the frosting. I had to scrap it off and it ruined it

You should totally make an FML about it.

tne201992 12

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who found this story pointless.

Damn use your finger if it's that small, YDI.

I don't know if this is a case of YDI or FML.....

unknown_user5566 26

42- FML wouldn't really be an option anyway, since it didn't happen to you. ;)

gmc_blossom 21