By romainmain - France - Charleville-m?zi?res
Today, I saw a small bug on the wall, so I decided to send it straight to the insect afterlife by smashing it with a book. The book crushed it, and caused my clock to come free from the wall and crash down onto my TV. FML
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  chabooty27  |  7

No op was saying that she was trying to swat the fly and she got it and she killed it and then something bad happened to her because she did something bad something bad happened to her. That's why its karma it has nothing to do with the fly, just with op

  P374RD3D  |  9

#28 1st of all, in no way did OP mention that the bug was a fly. 2nd of all, OP knocked his/her clock down with the book. Your argument is invalid.

  Marcella1016  |  31

I agree with everyone on the bug's side.

Today, I found a fruit fly in my full glass of wine. I was pissed, as I'd been looking forward to drinking it. Ready to toss it down the drain and pour myself a new glass, I noticed the bug was still alive, swimming around, trying to get out. As I fished the thing out to let it outside, my roommate cut her eyes at me and told me how I was "so fucking annoying." Call me a bleeding heart, but at the end of the day I feel better about myself, and I guess I'll get the last laugh in the next life when some bug decides to spare my life lol

  MURIKKA  |  11

At least the force of the book didn't destabilize the foundation of your house, causing the entire thing to cave in on you, OP. You got off easy.